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  1. Thank you everyone. Hope to see you all soon! Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Hello Guys, we come from VT most years for spring browns. Its always hard to plan a week to be there due to weather obviously. I debated with one of the guys I go with, and based on the type of winter we have had he thinks April 18th to the 22nd will be too late for the best shallow brown program and water will likely be too clear. Do you guys mind giving me your thoughts? Thank you in advance! Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I'm praying I can go, but its 6-7 hours from here, and my wife is due April 12 with our 2nd little one, I might be shore bound!
  4. Not mexico, we stayed in Fairhaven at state park and fished mainly east
  5. Treble Hooks are size #4 and all split rings are a stainless #4 on hooks and on head of bait.
  6. Sorry I re-read what I wrote, I meant to say he upsized the split ring and hook. Not just the hook. I will check exact sizes I think upsizing the hook is a common knowledge upgrade but not the split ring, sorry for the confusion. I will check hooks size on each bait to confirm and repost.
  7. I just felt the need to share something, I did a little bit last year as well but I need to give props to a great little company I found. Last year we came over from Vermont in the spring and just lit up the early season Brown Trout bite. We also were lucky enough to catch quite a few Kings largest just shy of 20lbs and one giant 6 pound smallmouth all on planer boards! After having only one year of experience doing this we had an idea what colors we needed from the year before. I had about 75 custom lures made just for these trips to catch the browns and mixed bag. Coming equipped with these colors and premium baits changed our world, we dialed them in everyday, even the days we shouldn't have even been on that beast of a lake. An awesome trick the owner taught me about stick baits or anything with trebles for that matter was that all factory stick baits come with too small of split rings on the nose and on the bait to the hook(s). Buy upping the size your SPLIT RINGS and hooks are allowed more freedom to move with the fish once hooked, after last trip I am a true believer! Or maybe his hooks are just that good! So the baits we had the most success on were his Pointer 78mm (3.1"), but also had a great luck on the Pointer 100mm (4") and the Megabass 110mm (4.33"). Being bass fisherman from Lake Champlain, our crew of three showed up with over 1000 stickbaits made by literally every brand in an insane amount of colors, nothing competed with the custom painted versions . I sent John some pictures from our trip and he put them on his web page and shortly after I saw some more pictures of guys using his baits the same way! I'm not here trying to sell baits for this guy, just ultra excited about what he did for me and my friends, and they are very reasonable, about $8 a piece, its unreal. I'll attach a picture with a bunch of the colors that were lights out for me. Thank you for Listening, Jason P.S. - He is also apparently got a completely new bait that was designed for bass originally that some guys on lake Michigan were wrecking kings on riggers. Some sort of Armed Pulsing rig with a skirt. He sent me a pic. I can promise you I'm going to give it a shot this fall, this guy has been right on with everything he has told me so far.
  8. NHBAIT, did you have amazing success on the custom painted baits from John Snyder as we did?
  9. Lake O Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. In the NY fish and game book it says not to eat any brown trout over 20 inches. Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Just left from a four day stay at the state park. Fishing was incredible! Can't wait to come back next spring! Just fileted all our fish and saw that we aren't supposed to eat any over 20"s and everything we kept were bigger than that, so can I get some opinions on this. Thank you in Advance! Here are few pics. Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Try either one of these, you cant go wrong. These longer fiberglass crank bait bass rods are so much nicer than trolling rods and are perfect for browns. The 7'6" medium telescopic model is perfect. Model: CS762MT-T http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-Crankin-Stick-Trigger-Rods/product/10204844/ Or if you want to spend a bit more these wright and mcgills in the WMERCDT78C1 Deep "2" Crankin' 7'8" http://www.wright-mcgill.com/rick-clunn/s-glass-crankin-rods you will absolutely love either selection
  13. They have been amazing for us! Can't believe how cheap they are. We had one that had a defective drag out of the box (out of 16 we bought), okuma sent us a replacement and payed for shipping both ways.
  14. Guys, I stumbled on some gold on Ebay. I found this seller John Snyder, ebay seller profile snyder140, he is a professional angler and has a custom hard bait painting business. He buys blanks and paints them in various custom patterns. He currently uses lucky craft and megabass bodies which are the best of the best. We debuted them last year on Champlain and they were outfishing our best previous baits 3-1 or even worse. The megabass vision 110 and 95's sell in the store for around $25 each and the lucky crafts sell for $15-18 a piece. He sells them for around $8-$10 (free shipping) and will custom paint them to your liking or you can pick from his current colors. He has been working on a few patterns for me for our spring brown trip (if the ice every melts). He recently just finished painting a brown and green goby pattern for me, a natural alwewife pattern, and an American shad pattern. They are absolutely beautiful. He also said that he will repaint any of your current lures in any pattern if you send them to him, with free shipping the price is unbeatable, i would pay 15$ each all day long for these. John is a pleasure to deal with, I mean he is such a nice guy. I am in no way affiliated with him, I just feel like people like him deserve props and we might as well take advantage of this bargain. I have asked him about getting some other bodies and I think he will be able to do some other baits. I have attached the goby patterns, natural alewife pattern (in hologram body and regular), and the american shad pattern. Ill also attach some other custom colors he did for me for smallmouth fishing. The pictures have no hooks or split rings etc, but he sends them with high quality hardware. Now lets get this ice to melt! -Jason
  15. You should check out John Snyders Baits, they are amazing. He buys megabass and lucky craft blank bodies and custom paints. The ones most relevent for salmon and trout would be his megasbass body's in the 95mm and 110mm and the lucky craft pointer 100 body. He sells them for like 8$ each with high quality hooks and split rings. The same bodied megabass products sell for nearly $25 each and the lucky crafts are 15-18$ each. These are the identical bodyies and he will paint them to your specifications, and he is a pleasure to deal with. We debuted them on Lake Champlain last year and caught everything that swims on them. I have no affiliation with him, I'm just really impressed and the baits are amazing, outfished all of our old trusties. I found him on ebay originally and he is really easy to deal with, and just wants to get you exactly what you want. He recently painted up some brown goby and green goby baits for me, and they are pretty awesome! Again I'm just so impressed, its been my little secret so far but he's a heck of a nice guy and the baits are cheap for what you get.
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