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  2. 16ft Lund package drawing only $5 All proceeds going to Camp Good Days. Seager Marine donating a 16ft Lund package for a $5 raffle for our 50th anniversary celebration. Try your luck , hey it's only a fin.... and for a good cause.enter here www.seagermarine.com
  3. today is the drawing for the 16 foot Lund package with all proceeds going to Camp Good days..still can enter up till 3:00 today !! www.seagermarine.com
  4. glad to see intell on SLR. coming up on vacation in 2 weeks for the month of August. Big river thanks for the info men.. keep it up...
  5. April 29th Seager Marine Perch Tournament April 29th Perch Tournament The weather cooperated for most of the day. Everyone seemed to be happy to be out on Canandaigua fishing. The four wining teams are pictured here. All signup money was given back to the top four teams along with bragging plaques for each team member. Pizza & beverages were on us. More tournament to come. Let's see how the season shapes up. Congratulation to all the winners. 1st - Hoefen Team 2nd - Harrington Team 3rd - Batta Bing Team 4th - Rogers Team
  7. NOW enter online........... Enter Here
  8. Typical LOWRANCE customer service. Not worth a damn Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. we stopped selling Lowrance right after Simrad bought them. Ever since then they went from the best customer service to the worst. One of thier 30 year veterans went to Garmin, thats why they have come alive with product lately.. Seager Marine Only sells Humminbird and Garmin FYI... we've been doin this for 49.6 years now ! We only sell manufacturers that support their products with the highest standards.
  10. well from what i can find on the NYS DEC site there haven't been any bass stocking anywhere up here. might have something to do with it too. no stocking VHS disease those damn gobies several awesome years of harvest before this year. hmmm.. might all be contributing factors.. only thing you locals can do is contact the DEC and have them put more in !!!
  11. just found this NYS: Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) in New York What is VHS?Viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) virus is a serious pathogen of fresh and saltwater fish that is causing a disease issue in the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada. VHS virus is a rhabdovirus (rod shaped virus) that affects fish of all size and age ranges. It does not pose any threat to human health. VHS can cause hemorrhaging of fish tissue, including internal organs, and can cause the death of infected fish. Once a fish is infected with VHS, there is no known cure. Not all infected fish develop the disease, but they can carry and spread the disease to other fish. VHS has been blamed for fish kills in Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake St. Clair (MI), Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River, Skaneateles Lake, Seneca-Cayuga Canal, Conesus Lake, a private pond in Ronsomville and several inland lakes in Wisconsin and Michigan. The World Organization of Animal Health has categorized VHS as a transmissible disease with the potential for profound socio-economic consequences. Because of this, they list VHS as a disease that should be reported to the international community as an exceptional epidemiological (study of diseases in large populations) occurrence.
  12. I wonder if this area got hit by that VHS disease. We had it hit Canandaigua Lake 2 years ago and boy you have a tough time finding any smallies there now. they were plentyful. it didn't seem to effect the trout though. is there any bass stocking programs up here?
  13. out all day yesterday, found fish, threw everything at them, no takers, very frustratiing. something is very different up here. been fishing up here for 6 years now. last three years things have dwindled down,this year so far only one day boating fish! unless I'm forgetting how to fish...something up here is screwed up!!!
  14. fat nancys has both i'm pretty sure i saw the cowbells there the other day
  15. That's about where we were today. Not much action. Bait fishing though. Lots of bait and fish moving through the area but not much action. Hearing about slobs in the Ducks. Don't know where that is though. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. Yeah thats those Bass Boat guys.. a little loose upstairs.........LOL
  17. i hear the some locals going out to Galloos.. long way though
  18. Didn't get out today but a friend got 5 good ones in front of Bayfield till the wind changed. Try tomorrow
  19. Well I guess that says it all! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  20. vacationing in Cape Vincent for the month. Looking for any insight into small/large mouth action up here. Any help will be much appreciated... local haunts around Carlson seem bare so far...
  21. the angle of your transducer is off.. are you sure it's pointing straight down when the boats in the water? try moving it and see if it helps.. when you installed the transducer you didn't drop it on a hard floor ? this can damage it...could be bad.. if the angle doesn't help borrow another transducer and just hang it over the side and see if it works.. new isn't always good ya know ! Good luck getting any support from Lowrance!
  22. The moral of the story is stay way away from any of that old Evinrude and Johnson stuff. I gotta believe there were more circumstances that you didn't know about as it doesn't sound like the Arneys I know. We all make mistakes..... sounds like they took care of you somewhat anyways. To bad, as you say a lesson learned.
  23. John Love and his crew are truely one of the best and most honest marinas you have up on the big pond. We highly recommend Arneys !!
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