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  1. You could research/contact some of the bracket companies for specs on the mounting side measurements. Then see how close it would be to your main if you mounted it all the way up at the bumper rail to the bottom of the hull. I have a spring loaded one and I like it, gets it up and out of the water when not in use. Also ez steer would be the way to go to link it to the main steering. I have one on mine and it works well. 

  2. On 5/18/2022 at 3:44 PM, muskiedreams said:

    In St. Lawrence County, it is illegal to fish for bass until 3rd Sat in June. In al other NY waters of the Great Lakes it is legal to fish for them while they are spawning. That is also true for the finger lakes and other waters of NY. The VHS disease was the big reason for the die off. But now, because there are so many gobies in the Great Lakes, when an angler removes a bass from it's nest, the gobies will move in and eat up all the eggs in a frenzy before the bass can be released and return to the nest. So IMO the best thing the DEC can do for SMB is re-enact the old season start date and enforce no fishing for bass until the 3rd Sat in June. This will at least give them a fighting chance to hatch and survive. But my guess it that they are greatly influenced by tournament organizers and their sponsors in the name of profits. This video shows gobies on a nest.



    It’s Jefferson and St Lawrence counties that are closed to c&r with artificial lures during the off season. St Lawrence county was actually a more recent addition to the closed areas. And they moved opening day to June 15th, I think to give it a hard date. I think your point about closing more areas is a great idea. 

  3. Made my way up north Friday a.m. and picked up the boat on the way. Gassed up, loaded gear, and got to Sackets Harbor launch around 2:30 for a solo trip. Trolled Black River Bay, looking for walleye. 3 color went off while I was setting but came unbuttoned. Shortly after, the 3 color went off again. Landed a nice pike. Landed another pike on a 4 color, smaller and quite beat up. 
    Saturday a.m., engine starts and stalls (normal for my ‘98 cold 2-stroke). Then just makes a click sound! Switch to spare battery, no

    luck, just clicks 😖. Load the boat and head back to camp. Run to Watertown for a new battery… still just a click! 😫  Must be the starter. Get on the phone, Burt Goodnough marina is open and have a rebuilt starter that fits!!! Pull the one in the engine, run a half hour down route 3, grab the rebuilt one, run back, slap it in, and the engine turns right over! 👍🏼 Went out for a couple afternoon hours with my brother, but didn’t move a rod. 
    Wishin I got more fishing in, but the necessary repair got taken care of and the boat will be ready for the next time! And I can’t thank the folks at the marina for their skill, explanations and stock. They got me back on the water quick! 




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  4. On 4/21/2022 at 4:51 PM, Dances with Fish said:

    you will find many of the browns have lampreys attached,  I'd say 50% of the browns caught this year have lampreys.   Some have 2 or 3 attahced. 

    It seems the lamprey treatments were cancelled during a few years of covid and we are now seeing the results.  They are all in the 6-8 inch length

    and we'll see what the future will bring as they spread into the system.

    A lamprey is a lamprey, but a sea lamprey should be in the foot to foot and a half range. These ones may have been native lamprey. Learned this through a podcast by FishHawk called Great Lakes Fishing Podcast. Interesting to hear the data and what they’re attempting for control. Sea lamprey live in the gravel for most of their life filter feeding, then emerge full grown and feed as a parasite for 12-18ish months before spawning and dying. Here’s a link to it. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/great-lakes-fishing-podcast/id1502752007?i=1000544983827

  5. If you’re looking for shallower water trolling, I’d say April-May. They’ll start to slide out deeper as the shallows warm up, but as mentioned above you can pattern the move. I’m trying to figure that out myself and get more success on Browns through the warmer months. Good luck! 

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  6. Kinda mentioned before, but… A tip I got for after respooling with wire was the next trip out, put a diver in the water tripped, so it doesn’t dig. Let out the entire spool under control, then reel it back in. This will put all the wire on under tension. It’s a pain, and takes some time (I have 1000’ on mine), but trip to trip performance has been better!

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