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  1. My brother and I limited on browns last week off Stony Point lighthouse. Fished close to the structure there. Had a triple at one point, landed 2 of it.
  2. If you’re worried about the insulators… I use Amish Outfitter downrigger snubbers and have new mag 5s. I reached out to canon about them working as an insulator and they said they will work as the insulator to stop the auto retrieve. I’ve used em multiple times and it stops at the surface like it should. So, from bottom to top I have the rigger weight, snubber, probe, then release. Hope this helps.
  3. That’s just what I do. You can put the probe in at any point and adjust from there too.
  4. I usually put a spoon on my probe rigger and send it down first and look for temp. That way you’re fishing as you put everything else out.
  5. Thanks for the info. My boat is getting some maintenance, hopefully will be ready this week. Can’t wait to get out!
  6. What tackle were you running? Any more details are much appreciated! Thanks.
  7. You want your shallower running lines the furthest away from the boat. So your 10 color. That way if a fish takes, it will clear over the 300 copper as the fish works back behind the boat.
  8. I attended one of Dan’s seminars and he uses Blacks releases and rubber bands. He half hitches the rubber band 4 times around the line so it won’t slip. He’ll use one for light line and/or spoons. He’ll use 2 (just 1 half hitch as the 1st band is a stopper of sorts) or 3 and up to 4 bands when towing heavier gear like FF or in heavier currents. I asked him more about it and he said that you’ll detect (1) shakers, (2) decent fish and have more time to get to the rod and (3) it’ll help set the hook better. You want your releases tight enough to not break the bands but release after some good tugging by a decent fish. This will be my first season trying bands. We’ll see. Hope this helps.
  9. What is the 7ft inside rod you’re running? Looking to set up double digger and want a short inside rod. Thanks.
  10. Interested in the TX44s. Sent you a text.
  11. Do you like smoked trout/salmon? I tend to smoke what makes it to the freezer. The brining process before helps (as already mentioned) and you can season them before they go in the smoker. And there’s the flavor from the smoke of course!
  12. You could research/contact some of the bracket companies for specs on the mounting side measurements. Then see how close it would be to your main if you mounted it all the way up at the bumper rail to the bottom of the hull. I have a spring loaded one and I like it, gets it up and out of the water when not in use. Also ez steer would be the way to go to link it to the main steering. I have one on mine and it works well.
  13. Welcome back! I’m on the east end too, in NY though. Best of luck out there!
  14. Funny, I just listened to that podcast today!
  15. Yep, I still have some. Check you PM.
  16. Not the most current report, but threw together a video from mid-June. Went out for browns on the east end. Found a good amount of fish!
  17. I swear I sent them, but will send again. Sorry about that… please check our pm discussion and make sure the address is accurate.
  18. It’s Jefferson and St Lawrence counties that are closed to c&r with artificial lures during the off season. St Lawrence county was actually a more recent addition to the closed areas. And they moved opening day to June 15th, I think to give it a hard date. I think your point about closing more areas is a great idea.
  19. Copper sinks about 20 feet per 100 ft of copper. You deploy all the copper to the backing and fish it on a planer board or down the chute.
  20. Mostly other pike. There was one circular welt on one side, that was fresh.
  21. Yes they do have parts for older stuff. I found them when I was looking for parts for a ‘74 9.5 evinrude that was my grandfather’s. It’s currently my kicker!
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