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  1. Thanks darkwater1 i have the boat now up on the hoist at my camp on the east side across from Sheldrake. i might scoot up to the north end and see if the north crescent green can area has warmed up. Ithaca / Myers is a long boat ride from me although the fishing reports sound tempting
  2. Fished the college north of long point yesterday to get equipment all checked out and had a nice boat ride. 38 degree water temp May run up to deans cove early next week,...has anyone been out of deans? Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  3. New out of the box 8/14, used a few times last year and maybe a dozen times this year. $375 with swivel base. jim 315 430 5631
  4. Thanks Blue Night. the Seamus Grady is still tucked away at Chalks but hope to get it out in March and start down this investigated road. Hmm! BC. I am a business consultant and spending a week in BC with a client. I will find some time to talk to some of the fishing kind out there,...great input thanks
  5. Frogger, thanks for the excellent post as well. I am trying to find out how much they are their website gives Pro Bass as a dealer but not listed as a product on the website. I will check out Fat Nancys and Screwey loueys, I like to support the local independents as much as possible.
  6. Interesting comment Tim and thanks for the link tandmbait. what is interesting about your comment Tim is I had riggers mounted on a "bayliner" rigged for trolling for years, ( I know! I was one of them) and I did quite well off the riggers, for being a "bayliner," bought the Grady last year from a guy that used it only for Walleye in Lake Erie, not trolling and put my Cannons on it, even one new one, and had my first season with a big downturn in rigger production, given same areas and tackle,....I have a lot of electronics and wires on the boat,...I did test once and was in the .5 range, which is close I thought. It might be worth considering.
  7. I searched the posts and did not see any old ones on this., Ran into a guy pulling out at Mexico late last year and he was very enthusiastic over the benefits of using his pro troll black box and adjusting his voltage signature in the water. He may even be on LOU, not sure. Before I consider getting my own, frankly I have never heard of it or seen any the other captains using it. any thoughts on it?
  8. I have has the RayMarine x5 like noted in Silver Fox reply. Position of Fluxgate compass is critical.as far as distance away from the boat compass and position on the boat. The comment about changing the sensitivity setting when in different waters is necessary but a good feature to allow you to keep the pilot engaged in rough waters. I can fish my Grady Overnighter by myself with the auto pilot so I highly recommend it. My only issue with Ray Marine is the super sensitive voltage sensor. You must wire it directly to a fully charged battery and keep it fully charged or it will drop out frequently. I have had a lot of nuisance drop outs last season even though I thought I had it wired correctly. Going to run new cable this year to see if it helps.
  9. looking forward to finally getting started in the derbies. lake looks pretty clean Sheldrake-Long Point area despite all the weather. hope to see you at weigh in
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