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  1. Just for comparison. This is normally how it looks.
  2. Ashbridges Ramp Its open. You need boots to launch
  3. Crossing the border (I used the search but could not find a solid answer) Two part question. What is required if crossing into the US to fish for the day? Obviously, a fishing license, but do you need to check in and register even if not touching land? Also, are passports required if staying within Canada but close to the border? Say in the Niagara River.
  4. I saw that episode, he was in the Kinston area. Try Main Duck Island for smallies
  5. Thanks. Any idea on the exact mmsi number for the great lakes? Google is not my friend today. Also checked sea tow for automated radio check service not available here.
  6. Hi, Is there anyone in the Toronto area that can help me test my new VHF radio and the DSC features? I'm new to VHF and don't feel comfortable polling random strangers. lol Thanks
  7. Out of curiosity. Do they usually make you bring in all the lines and stop trolling or would they just ride beside you?
  8. http://pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=ON
  9. That's pretty scary. I troll in that area. I've never had a snag on the downrigger before. What happens exactly when you get hung up? What direction is this pipe, North South? Can anyone provide coordinates of the snag so others can avoid?
  10. Can't give away FREE gas. Sheesh
  11. I've got 12L of mixed gas (50:1) to give away at no charge. Its about 10 months old and treated with stabil. Local pickup in Toronto
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