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  1. Gotta say the middle silo is an intriguing idea.... Lol
  2. So last Saturday was a horrid day for us...we got up late being hungover lol. Got to braddocks bay around 9. Fish jumping everyone all that seemed to hit for the next 8 hrs were bullhead...live bait or lures...so we decided to head to long pond. Get the boat in and we see Atleast 20 plus pike going crazy over by the southern weeds. So we figured bait fish or that... Stay there for about 3 hrs and not a single hit... Well here to tomorrow....
  3. Well have a bunch of good ol net stories... Landed a good 25+ pike in irondequoit. While my brother want to real his pole in and then get the net all lazy. While I had the fish on side of boat for a good cpl min he comes over with net as soon as he goes down snip... The hog just rips the lure and swims away..I still count him haha
  4. Nice. My brothers texted me that earlier and said 2016 is the date they are setting.
  5. Good luck, hope you catch some nice ones. Unfortunately I don't think braddocks bay has too Muskies for us on Saturday. Maybe Sunday we will try.
  6. Wow that's a nice beauty...where you snag him? Had one almost but not quite that big in irondequoit.
  7. We are looking to upgrade our motor on our 14ft smoker craft. Looking for a decent priced motor. Nothing really on craiglist we can find. You can pm or that would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Irondequoit my brother has had success with spinners there. I've had some success with the live target minnow.
  9. I live in Rochester close to irondequoit bay. So niagra is a bit of ways away. Finger lakes aren't far though.
  10. Which bay? Braddocks? We been fishing irondequoit bay usually spinners and cranks work on the bay. We were going to try braddocks this Saturday.
  11. Thanks. Yeah I have some good friends up in buffalo I was/in the military with. Yeah I took my oldest son(4) out the other week his first fish ever was a brown.. Imagine that haha I wish mine was too. Lol. Nice I haven't heard nothing about a hotline, I've only talked to ppl in the bait stores really especially since most of irondequoit bay is a bunch of jet ski ppl nowadays.
  12. In 30 years I have never fished for musky. Been back home fishing past cpl months. Any advice or conversation about it would be appreciated. Dshart
  13. yeah i dont know too much about braddocks bay but i heard it was a decent spot. Irondequoit bay is always the back up but would like to find some good spots since this is my first year here in ny on boat. Thanks site seems very nice with knowledgeable fisherman.
  14. Afternoon everyone...me and my brother just bought a sweet smoker craft 14ft. Past three weekends been in irondequoit bay. Last weekend was a dud... Lol.. Now that bass season is finally upon us been trying to figure out good boat places. I just came home a yr ago been gone about 12 yrs and now in the reserves. So figuring out fishing spots here with my younger brother who never boat fished is a bit tough. Thinking braddocks bay Saturday not sure how it is there...
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