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  1. Guys you getting any bass at all? Want to make a trip real soon.
  2. Hey guys, wondering about the smallmouth out of oswego. Anyone getting them?
  3. How about feeding gobies to the young smallmouth. I bet it wouldn't be to hard to trap them.....use them....Y not....it would save a boat load of money.
  4. Heading to Oswego soon wondering about the smallies.
  5. Also, if you have gobies in your area....that means smallies aren't there ( at least for the time being ) I wouldn't move if your constantly feeling that small tap tap......think about what's going on ....that goby or gobies are revealing themselves ...and like the seal on top of the water for great whites ......will be easy pickings along with your bait. Remember this time of the year smallies are schooling so those gobies better watch out. Along with what the others said, get that bait up a little bit but don't be afraid to battle the gobies by using artificials ......you'll be surprised !
  6. Hey guys, Wondering if anyone is getting into the bass in and around the golden crescent? I know last week there were still fish on beds....wondering what their doing? Any info would be appreciated. ! Tightlines!
  7. Probably close to 4 pounds. Must have been a hell of a fight. Pound for pound they are the toughest fish out there. Great Catch!
  8. Here to report back after fishing this past weekend for Bass: Fished both Saturday and Sunday with both days yielding similiar results. Saturday started off like a big farm pond. I've never seen the Big O so calm. It made the run easy and quick. Started off fishing the Stony Creek area with mild results. Caught 4 smallies all over 3.5 pounds biggest 4.5 on jigs and swimbaits6 to 15 fow. Water temperature has warmed 10 degrees in that area since last weekend (6/22- 57 degrees). Now, currently water temperature is in the sixties to lower seventies (6/29 - 67 degrees). Changed locations to some off-shore shoals and really slammed the bass well on similiar baits and depth, biggest 5.4. Bonus fish of the day was a 9.9 walleye caught on a char/white spinnerbait in 5 fow. Saw others swimming around the same area that I thought were carp but they turned out to be eyes. Sunday the wind blew out of the southwest at 15-20 which made off-shore structure fishing a challenge. We were able to wrestle the wind and manage a 5.1 which hit a swimbait dragged on the bottom. The fish were more scattered on Sunday then Saturday which meant you had to jump from spot to spot before getting into better fish. All in all great two days on the water.
  9. One of the guys I talked to brought n a 5.9 finished 3 place. Not sure what weight took first...can only guess a pig 6 lb Plus fish was weighed. Thanks for the info man. Going this weekend. Will report results.
  10. Thanks for the info guys. Lets keep the topic lively. The lake offers some of the finest smallmouth fishing anywhere so please keep adding info. Will post pics of results after the weekend. I will detail specifically where I caught them after the weekend.
  11. Thanks man.....heading up there this weekend. Just want to get a little intel before getting on the water. Any more info anyone has would be very appreciated. Post trip will post results.
  12. Guys, New to the forum. Wondering if you guys have any info about smallies out of the henderson harbor stony creek area and local surrounding areas? Any news would be appreciated. Thanks!
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