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  1. Ditto. Best two choices right there.
  2. If it's something you feel like you really have to do, at least coordinate your trip with someone who can shadow / follow you in a boat. Heck maybe even go offshore in his boat and launch from there. Then have him stay close and keep an eye on you in case things start to get hairy. At the very least he can pluck you and your gear out of the water if the lake kicks up badly. Otherwise? It's a really bad idea.
  3. By mounting a board (or track) across the boat and attaching it to both gunnels, you will solve the problem. It also wouldn't hurt to move the mounting point of the riggers inboard 6" or so, not directly over the gunnels if you choose that option. It's a solution, but I'm not sure it's the only solution. I would talk to Dave at Cisco and get his input. He knows his stuff.
  4. Hey Bill, good to hear from you! Yeah, I got a little tired of chasing only bass so I sold my bass boat and bought a 19' Crestliner that's all set up for walleye tournements. I've got my down riggers, risers and rod holders finally so now I'm just waiting on the Cisco track system to show up so I can install everything! I'll be sneaking out of the Bay this weekend as well, just running a couple of leadcore lines or dipseys so maybe I'll have a little luck. If you see a Crestliner floating around with a couple of Yamaha's on the back, give me a yell.
  5. Get your bait up higher off the bottom if the Gobies are getting it. Think drop shot with 48" between the bait and bottom. That might help.
  6. I'm about to order some Cisco 48" track and down rigger mounts for my boat but I prefer the Cannon dual axis adjustable rod holders over the Cisco's or Bert's. Can anyone confirm that the track mounted Cannon rod holders will indeed fit the Cisco tracks? I know the Cisco, Berts and Traxstech is all interchangable, but I'm not sure about the Cannon. Thanks in advance!
  7. I've actually been out with some of the local charters over the years and always learned a good deal. Of course the fishing in May, July and September varies a HUGE amount so the temptation is to race out and buy everything! (As a bass and walleye fisherman, I have a basement full of gear to prove it.) Thus my qustion here. Thanks again all, you've been very helpful.
  8. Thanks guys. Is the down speed, temp and depth worth the extra $150 over the down speed and temp model?
  9. So after 20 years of chasing bass and the occasional walleye in Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes and Thousand Islands, I've gotten the urge to start chasing the trout and salmon in Lake Ontario as well. I recently sold my bass boat and bought a 19' Crestliner 192. It's a walleye rig basically so that will be my fishing platform. It's set up for trolling with both a 200 hp four stroke as well as an 8 hp four stroke kicker, color graphs, GPS, VHF, wave whackers, etc. My question is this. As I will be adding gear and tackle here and there over time, what are the things you guys feel I should invest in first? I'll be putting a pair of electric downriggers on a set of tracks in the next week or so and it's already loaded with rod holders. I may install a planer board mast near the end of the season. Should I bite the bullet and get a Fish Hawk right away? Invest in spoons, flies, cow bells, spin doctors, color core? I was never a big dipsy fan but I'm not opposed to them. Rods and reels I already have. Thoughts? Things I need right away? Things that you wouldn't do without? Not looking for secrets, just some advise on how to spend money wisely on things I'll actually need and use. Thanks in advance, Fred
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