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  1. 19 lakers on yellow spin doctor fly down 90-100 in 100-120 fow. Lakers were mostly west of Bronte. they ranged between 8-18 lbs. 1-14 lb king , 1-8 lb Coho,4 Bows 8-12 lbs, double digit in small shakers. Got most of the big silver out in 180-220 fow. Lost a bunch of fish on the as they were not biting the hook, they were slashing the bait on Tuesday night. These last two seasons are starting to look like end of hay days just like Lake Huron. Need some Big Kings to show up!
  2. I have never caught a boot from Lake O. I fish out of Bronte. I fish the whole water column. Are the lakers only in some parts of the lake?
  3. I was fishing Bronte Thursday night and Friday morning. Tough fishing. Dragged some small kings around on the downriggers and caught one 10lb king. Lost a teen at side of boat. Calipso
  4. I will be fishing Bronte this afternoon. I hope the fishing is hot!
  5. .....I was fishing Bronte on Thursday and went 11 for 13. All Kings. Good quality fish. Fish were between 12 and 22 lbs. ........if you find a school of fish stay on them. The seem to be all together.
  6. I was fishing Bronte on Thursday and Friday and it was bad. One 10lb salmon, one 12lb rainbow, one shaker and two LY about 4 inch long. Hope it picks up. Calipso
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