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  1. st clair angler kills nice fish

  2. st clair angler kills nice fish

    Update.... Outdoors canada article ....this guy is facing charges. Can some one post the article.
  3. st clair angler kills nice fish

    thanks for posting the video. truely disgusting.
  4. saw this on esox east. sorry i cant post the link. cybermuskie extravaganza video®. mabye ivan can link it. some people have truely amazing ethics.
  5. planer boards

    Ive been trying therubber band method for now. didnt want to sink alot of money into something i wasnt sure of. should my tow eye be at or above the centerline of the board. its currently 3" up from the bottom leaving it an1 3/4" below center. Thanks.
  6. Just made my first set of boards. plans called for them to be 27 1/2" long due to my great carpentry skill i ended up at 22 1/2". deducted the 5" mistake and they seem to run ok. my question is that the plans called for a 60 degree miter i wonder if a 30 or 45 would be better. with 50' of main line out my boards run about 25' out and 10' back. i would like to get them out a little farther and even with my stern. any thoughts. thanks. jason