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  1. Yea, fish are still shallow in sc pa. I can only imagine chautauqua fish will be really shallow. Looking forward to finding out.
  2. I'll be there Saturday thru Tuesday. Hoping to find a pattern quickly. Assuming shallow? Going to have my 8 year old with me, so only going to troll to get him a few fish. I usually fish north, but heard south end was hot early last year. Any recommendations? Depth you think fish will be holding? Good luck everyone!
  3. 76 north basin. Not much happening down south. Fish scattered in north, but most success is coming from mayville 15-20
  4. Was up Wednesday afternoon through Sunday morning. Caught 11 fish, but took a skunk Saturday except for a PR walleye. Most fish came from 20-25 feet trolling BM shad ' s and wileys. 3 fish over 40, rest were mid 30's. Lost around half dozen fish. Will be back up for 8 days next week.
  5. I personally really appreciate the reports Larry. I'm not really sure what the problem is? Chautauqua is no secret, and it's impossible to over fish a body of water this large. You guys are very lucky to have something like this. Here in central pa we have dozens of guys competing on tiny bodies of water for fish. I'll be up for 4 or 5 weeks this summer starting next week. Can't wait for this school year to end!
  6. Had a guy in our club recently go up around 1000 islands. They caught a few including a 57.5. They use red oct tubes.
  7. Im up visiting/fishing from Harrisburg. Yesterday I caught 5 up to 41".....and 11 fish total since friday. I fished with Larry Jones 2 summers ago. He taught me everything I needed to know, where and how (thanks Larry). Hire a guide for 1 day.....worth its weight in gold in the musky world. Weeds arent too bad on north end. Ive had very little weed issues the past few days. Im fishing deep.
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