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  1. Got out this afternoon, brief downpour shortly after setting up. Got 3 Lakers and one nice Atlantic. Fish were deep, around 90 feet. Got the Atlantic on a 500 copper.IMG_2526.JPGIMG_2525.JPGIMG_2524.JPGIMG_2527.JPG



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  2. I am looking for new dipsy reels, and have read that the saltist reels with the high speed retrieve may not be a good choice when reeling in a large salmon as it does not have enough horsepower? I read where a 4.2 ratio would be much better with this setup? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  3. I am starting to think about a lease for next season. Is there a ballpark price per acre I can expect to pay? I have looked at a lot of the leasing websites and it is a little tough to calculate based on each specific piece of property. Many include a large portion of agriculture with a small portion of woods. Is there any kind of general formula that is used for this?



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  4. With trolling 24v better than 12v.   Minnkota Power Drive is 70 lbs in 24v and should be in budget.  Power Drive doesn’t offer universal sonar or foot pedal option.  If you want those then you go to Terrova and likely over budget.  If you buy a 12v, it is likely you would wish you got the 24v.

    What do you mean by universal sonar? No foot pedal means strictly reliant on remote control?

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