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  1. sounds just like my setup with the tie bar, a 225 yamaha ox66 & 9.9 kicker connected with a diy tie bar. I went with Lowrance Outboard AP hydraulic and went with the new HDS live unit + bluetooth remote steer. Its a slick setup!. Installation was Easy done in the driveway. Tyee's advice above is spot on about matching your existing electronics if you can.


    The AP works with both motors as my setup is always connected. The motors don't need to be running for the AP to work. 

  2. two spherical ball joint ends from Napa with a stud, a piece of 3/8" rod, and a die to cut threads on the rod to match your ball joint ends and some scrap aluminum to make your mounting brackets if necessary. About $25 in material and a few hours for trail and error bending your piece of rod. Heat helps with the bends. A lot lot cheaper than going with sea-star. 



  3. I would check LP fuel pumps for pinholes. Yamaha's are known for failing. They are easily rebuildable for less than 20 bucks per pump for the diaphragms. 


    if you figure it out please circle back with your results. Thanks

  4. Thanks Chris and others! Man this site is AWESOME! Thanks for your quick replies. I picked up a set of black Chinooks in size 1, 3, & 5 and might have to try a set of the deeper divers. I like the absence of the ring. From what I read about the Chinooks, though, maybe the others wont actually get a chance.


    I like the fact that they are stainless (what boat guru doesn't like stainless??) and made on a smaller scale from a NY local captain.


    Cheers and Fish On!


    I've never run divers much but like my original post said, but we couldn't keep the mag dipsy in the water last Friday on Cayuga. It took 19/31 fish caught that day. 



  5. Hey LOU Members,


    Divers... That's the question. Which type are you all using. I mainly fish smaller lakes, the fingers and an maybe Ontario 1 or 2x a season. I have both wire and braid rods set up. I have had good results with dipsys, but there are a lot of others on the market. Can somone be kind enough to help me decide if I should diversify my diver collection or just stick with the Dipsys. THere are Chinook Divers, Slide Divers, Deeper Divers and I am sure many more... Last weekend the mag dipseys out 125 did really well on hungry lakers on Cayuga.


    Also, what about color... I don't think it matters much but looking for more seasoned anglers opinions


    Thanks in advance

  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys! I had a bottle of the Starbrite Deck Cleaner in the shop so I gave that a whirl. It worked AWESOME and even provides a protective gloss (PTEF) for added UV protection. 


    Those who have these riggers, check the adhesive on the stickers (the main one on top of the body) the adhesive cannon used is Junk and deteriorated on all 4 of my riggers allowing water to get into the body and flood the motor. I fixed them up with some fast cure epoxy and re-set them. Good time to go over them and make sure there will be no issues come splashdown time. 


    Thanks again! :)

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