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  1. I will take all your Xraps please looked like maybe doz or so? Thank you
  2. I saw the same thing you saw. Very noticeable, But it seemed to only be in the trout tank. I thought the walleyes looked pretty good except for a few that had white puffy eyes. which I assumed they were from being blinded by the lights. I hope the trout aren't getting the ick from whats in the hatchery. hope it came from unsanitary tank cleaning.
  3. I just looked it up. It only applies if the license holder passes away within 1 year of purchasing it. or if he passes while on active duty in military.. News to me. I was writing what I've heard from other guys. I guess it pays off to read the details and always check info for yourself.
  4. Another benefit is that any lifetime license now carries a one time legacy allowance. This allows us to pass along the license to one of our kids/grandkids one time only. Maybe the one good thing our Gov. did for the sportsman of this state. Anyways good luck. I'm heading up to Selkirk shores in three weeks for our annual salmon fishing trip. Bring em boys. I'm starting to feel the fever.
  5. I would say if you want to save the boy money get him the lifetime sooner than later. That is of course if he plans to stay and suffer in NY like the rest of us.
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