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  1. I don't see why it can't. They are basically giant hose clamps. The real business part of the system is the stainless Rod.
  2. Outboard to outboard. Sorry should have mentioned that.
  3. Have up for sale my Ez-steer system. Great way to be able to steer your kicker from the helm. Bought new last year. Used it once in the St Lawrence. Asking 150. Comes with optional bungee cord for additional stability.
  4. For Sale: 8hp Honda 4 stroke long shaft outboard. Has maybe 10 hours on it. Was going to troll but never got into it. Was used as an emergency back-up if my main motor failed. Great shape and runs flawlessly. Asking 1,500. I'm in North Jersey but can also meet near Pulaski. Will also include EZ-Troll system and tiller extension handle for ask price.
  5. I do Ben. Just got 2 free ones that need work.
  6. Thanks fleet tracker. Launching out of Mexico probably. Up the 18-21
  7. I've got business clients coming up to go brown trout fishing in 2 weeks. Looks like brownies have been hard to come by. Anyone have some lake trout pointers? I do not have riggers so it would be a leadcore or dipsy setup. Thank you.
  8. Im going up trolling tomorrow until Monday and was wondering what vhf channel you guys will be on? I know its been discussed a bunch of times but ive never seen anything definitiive. Ill be trolling from mexico to oswego
  9. I picked up a gallon of Super Tech outboard 2 cycle because it was all that was left in the shelf. I was slightly nervous but after reading this, not so much. http://home.comcast.net/~team_dougherty/results/results.html
  10. I put it in the tank before I winterized. There were some claims about it helping control corrosion. I still fogged the engine. Engine started up this spring and runs fine. I use Sta-bil marine in season. Tough to really evaluate how "good" something like this is. My boat started in the spring. No engine issues. I guess it worked.
  11. Do you guys run 2 coho rigs in the wash or 1 brown 1 coho?
  12. These rods will be used to pull baby spin doctors this spring. Debating between the HLD-LC661Mor HLD-LC661ML How much tension does a small dodger and baby spin doc put on the rod?
  13. smells like fish has a point. Its kind of like the guy who tricks out his Harley so it suits him, then tries to sell it and pricing in those upgrades that nobody but him cares about
  14. http://www.charts.noaa.gov/OnLineViewer/14813.shtml answered my own question. Looks like you can make it to the second bridge
  15. Anyone have any idea how far up into the Oswego one could go before it shallows up? Was thinking of trying to troll up some spring drop-backs if possible
  16. Then what size leader do you run from the dodger to the fly? Spring coho
  17. Do you guys put a leader from the leadcore to the spin doctor or tie the leadcore right onto it? Also, what lb test do you use from the dodger to the fly? Thinking spring ho's
  18. I'm up april 16-20. If you want a free seat for a day or 2 let me know. My fee is a ham sandwich and the ability to bust balls
  19. Thanks Ben. Just ordered wire and tips from Atomik. Ben- you think you are going to be able to fish this spring? I'm up mid-april if you want a seat going for brownies.
  20. Maybe I'll give it a whirl. What wire line does everyone recommend? Dipsy Rod.
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