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  1. I live in Rome NY, but we can meet in SYR or my boat is moored at Mexico NY
  2. When are you going to be back out to the lake?
  3. I don’t think yours will fail anytime soon but $500 is 1/2 price of a new one and that’s the best I’ll do. I’ll hold onto it for anything less. thanks for looking Tom
  4. This is a really good alternative to the old Sportpilot that Raymarine put out.
  5. $100.00 Typically one of the most complex and time consuming aspects of autopilot installation is fitting the rudder feedback unit and ensuring that the geometry matches the full range of rudder movement. The solution is an integrated rudder feedback unit that directly mounts to the drive unit itself.
  6. The unit is I think about 5 years old, I used it for 2 seasons and converted to hydraulic steering. Unit worked flawlessly with my Raymarine auto pilot. I am in the Utica/Rome area but my boat is docked in México Bay.
  7. $500.00 The Straight shaft drive unit replaces the manual drive used on cable steered boats and is mounted directly behind the dash. The drive is directly compatible with the Morse 290 steering helm and comes with its own bezel kit and can be retrofitted in most installations using the cable and steering wheel from the manual steering helm on the boat. Spacer Kit is included to reduce the space required behind the dashboard. NOT INCLUDED is the rudder reference sensor OC15SUK27B that is used with Raymarine, I have it as another listing.
  8. Nice but I’m looking for track mount, Thanks and good luck.
  9. Are they the 3 that you have posted in your profile
  10. Do you still have the downrigger pedestals ?
  11. Do you have a pic of them, are they for tracks or gimble mounts
  12. That’s nice but are they still available?
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