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  1. Mostly just 4 of us. At times a few more go.
  2. Start out with 1 or 2 of our jump dogs. When they get one going we try to catch them off. Hard sometimes. Then we get some young dogs in on the chase. 3-4 dogs usually. When they catch one we put more in.
  3. I have a good friend in Canada who runs field trials on coyotes. He also hunts them up there. He starts some of the dogs there and we start some here. These are registered Running Walker Foxhounds. It has taken us a few years to breed for grit in the dogs we have now. If we see some hounds that have the traits we are looking for we breed them.
  4. I hunt all over. Mostly around Pulaski and Mexico.
  5. When I was younger, there was an older gentleman that I used to run with. He said way back when they ran fox, and when the fox ran in a hole they would take burlap sacks and light them on fire and stick down the hole. There was usually another entrance/air hole a few yards away and they would wait there and club the fox when they came out.
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