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  1. Those are super x,supremes were black like the long beards and had 1 3/4 oz of shot.
  2. Always used Winchester Supremes #6 until they were replaced by the Long beards,Double the price,pattern great and hit 2 feet high out of my gun.I guess I'll just aim at their feet!lol
  3. Go to Dreamweavers website!
  4. Dreamweaver size 2 duo-locks for spoons,size 4 coastlock for flashers,
  5. Ran Seagates last year with no complaints.Up graded from penn squalls because of the gear ratio.Your biggest challenge will be finding one,like everything else!
  6. Your Awesome! A charter captain that gives fishing reports on a fishing website in the middle of deer season?One of a kind.LOL
  7. I always run my like coppers on the same side.This way your not crossing over any lines when your putting them out.If I catch a fish on the outside board,I let the inside board out to become the outside board.Very few tangles this way!
  8. Run a deep diving plug off of it,I believe it would be considered a second rod or line.
  9. One off the best tournaments going! When you can launch,get a slip and weigh-in all at the same location it's a major convenience.
  10. Went through this a couple years ago,would be interesting to run them with the older style and compare the two.Also adjusting the rope length makes a big difference in how they track.
  11. Call Dreamweaver 1-888-249-1632 they should be able to tell you what size swivels they use.You can order frpm them!
  12. Rick, Are you replacing the releases on your inline boards or using stock ones? Thanks
  13. I agree with Gambler,a new one will last a life time.Go to webairbrushes.com and check out the Vega or Omni series.I have owned a Vega 2000 for 15 years,fairly inexpensive and good quality!
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