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  1. Get your lower unit and kicker it the position you want them and tighten the screws.The factor tension setting may work for some applications but cant take into account the weight of each kicker.I ran mine with the factory setting and the bar would slide in and out while trolling after that i tightened the screws.Has worked great for 3 years now.
  2. The only advantage would be you have two more knots that can break!
  3. Was looking at the rules under the link motoman posted.Under hours of competition nothing is listed when we need to be back in the harbor or in line with the cooler,unless i overlooked it?
  4. I just replaced the drag washers in my 800s,watched Hanks u-tube video it was fairly simple.
  5. Matt and others keep up the great work.I grew up and reside next to the Genesee,the down side is it's 2 hours north or Rochester.Wish I lived closer,would like to help.Stay safe and healthy hope to see you at the classic!
  6. I sent mine in on 3/17 got in back on 3/26! 5 star ratting to DMV.
  7. Whaler 1 Was wondering how the docks at sandy looked.
  8. Love my talora rods,not a big fan of the triangular grip on the okumas.The taloras also have a padded but end witch comes in handy.I remove them and put 5 minute apoxy on them so they can't come off when pulled from the rod holders
  9. Owner St-41 2x size 1 or VMC 7556BN 4x size 1
  10. If its on social media its got to be True!
  11. Nice fish.I had confidence in my meat program earlier in the year,not so much in the last few weeks.Was wondering what kind of paddles you'r running.My spinn Drs are going to have some Okis mixed in with them this weekend.
  12. The entry fee is a little pricey for most ams.Observers are always an issue when fishing from a smaller boat and living 2 1/2 hours from the Oak.As for the format of the tournament.I don't consider my self much of a trout fisherman.When 4 of the 23 boats on day 2 had a 10 fish limit, of which 21 were pros. That rules me out!
  13. Mostly spoons.Had one meat rig off a 200 copper that took fish and ran flashers and flies off both wire divers.Lost one good fish and caught our biggest fish later in the day with this set up.Riggers and leadcore 6,8and10 colors all had spoons on.
  14. Fished on Sunday in front of the river and a little west in 70-90 fow.Fishing was outstanding,boated 12 kings 11 of them were10-18lbs,Quit at 11:30 when it started pouring.
  15. I use spray paint.I just spray what I need into a 1/4 oz color cup.You can get about every color and it will hold up well in water.
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