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  1. One off the best tournaments going! When you can launch,get a slip and weigh-in all at the same location it's a major convenience.
  2. Went through this a couple years ago,would be interesting to run them with the older style and compare the two.Also adjusting the rope length makes a big difference in how they track.
  3. Call Dreamweaver 1-888-249-1632 they should be able to tell you what size swivels they use.You can order frpm them!
  4. Rick, Are you replacing the releases on your inline boards or using stock ones? Thanks
  5. I agree with Gambler,a new one will last a life time.Go to webairbrushes.com and check out the Vega or Omni series.I have owned a Vega 2000 for 15 years,fairly inexpensive and good quality!
  6. Replacing my Penn squalls with Diawa seagate reels for copper.Just trying to keep the team happy with higher gear ratio reels!
  7. I spoke with Jeremy Hurst from the DEC and the proposal is to give family members an opportunity to hunt together. Family members would be in town for the holidays,relatives,kids in college,ect.It is antlered and antler-less season,he mentioned they may have to go with an antler less season for certain WMU in the future.Weather you like it or not you can e-mail your opinion to him.
  8. I would like to know what the justification is.Just to fill your unused tags after 2+months of deer hunting?If it,s an overpopulation of deer that's the issue,why not a doe only season!
  9. I believe the older keels were made of aluminum,therefore the keels had a full weight and the second keel had a half weight.They are now made from stainless and have a half weight on one keel and no weight on the second keel.At least that's the way mine are.They are quite heavy and act like they would sink also.
  10. You cant beat moonshine mag spoons especially when the fish are down 70 feet or deeper.Spoons are'nt my specialty but they have produced some of our biggest fish this year.
  11. Get your lower unit and kicker it the position you want them and tighten the screws.The factor tension setting may work for some applications but cant take into account the weight of each kicker.I ran mine with the factory setting and the bar would slide in and out while trolling after that i tightened the screws.Has worked great for 3 years now.
  12. The only advantage would be you have two more knots that can break!
  13. Was looking at the rules under the link motoman posted.Under hours of competition nothing is listed when we need to be back in the harbor or in line with the cooler,unless i overlooked it?
  14. I just replaced the drag washers in my 800s,watched Hanks u-tube video it was fairly simple.
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