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  1. BCage777

    Fishing at home?

    What rules, should be followed while I started fishing at my home.. I've 2 aquarium, but that's not enough.
  2. BCage777

    Morning shoot.

    Thanks for this awesome post. There’s a lot of useful and interesting information on here. Keep up the top work!
  3. BCage777

    Show some of your homemade equipment for ice fishing

    I feel this post is very well organized and is quite interesting.Seems unique idea that can open my eyes to be followed.
  4. BCage777


    By the way i'm just as new as you. I am really feeling good to be out here since I am a regular reader of the forums also I would like to say that this community caught my attraction as I am always on the lookout for knowledge and various other life experiences, which I am sure that I would get over here..