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  1. Ha ha. It’s called why mess up a good thing. Why did the DEC or whoever think it was a great idea to decrease the stockings? And whatever else they decided to do. There is no way anybody can tell me it is good as it used to be. Where are the 40 pounders. It was nothing to catch 22-25 pounders consistently. 32 lbs for a derby winner is nice but no where close to the 36 or so that used to consistently win. Just frustrated like many others including charter captains.
  2. That’s too bad. Hope it works out for you. There’s no doubt fish are more West. Also it’s ironic that charter captains were filling their coolers with Lakers rather than salmon for their clients. As well as charter captains cancelling clients due to poor fishing.
  3. It’s not the end of the season that I’m speaking of. It’s been the whole season. As well as the last seasons in general. There’s really no more for me to say. More fish West than East. Proof is on the boards. Thanks for the discussion.
  4. Guess we are fishing in different parts of the lake. It has deteriorated. Look at the last few years of the derby. Big fish 32 lbs big fish 31 lbs. Catching 15 lbs 17 lbs common theme. Fished the same parts of the lakes for years no doubt it has deteriorated. Thanks
  5. The fishing has deteriorated over the years and if the powers to be (DEC) or whoever that is doesn’t address the issue whatever it is soon (stocking etc) the fishing industry will go away and that will hurt the area tremendously. Campgrounds, tacklestores, businesses will suffer. The weights of the fish have decreased. The numbers of fish have decreased in the eastern part of the lake. There is no doubt that most of the fish that make the board come from the West. Have fished the lake for 30 years and things are not getting better. Hopefully there will be a change. Thanks.
  6. How much are u asking? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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