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  1. I was from the Detroit area. One of the reasons I decided to move to Alaska. I was sick of all the people. I was 45 when I left there looking for a better way to live. We moved up here and fell in love with this place. I like to visit the lower 48 but very happy I live here.
  2. I thought you guys did. You may already do this but I thought I would post this if you don't. Up here we use to run a Herring or Sardine fillet in it but we found out that stuffing it with StarKist Tuna in Oil works better. Seems to put out a better scent trail.
  3. Do you guys run these in Lake Ontario?
  4. Hello, My name is Mark. I live in Kenai, Alaska. Before I moved here 8 years ago I was from Michigan. I fished Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Ontario. Here in Alaska we use some of the same tactics trolling for Salmon as I used on the Great Lakes. I love sites like this to see what the new products and attics being used. I have a 26' Hewescraft with twin 115 hp Yamaha outboards. We are lucky here because we can troll for Salmon all year long in the saltwater. Most boats up here are set up for cold weather fishing. Mine has a full inclosed cabin with a furnace. We all run outboards to deal with freezing issues. I will share what works for us and maybe some of the things we use will work for you to.
  5. My 12lb weights came in today. They look great. I'm going to use them this weekend. The winter King fishing has been good this year but they have been deeper than normal, I'm hoping this will help with the blow back at these depths. Thanks for shipping these to Alaska!
  6. 74 lb. Kenai King. Caught by my house here in Kenai Alaska
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