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  1. Yes sold my boat, Give me a call after 4 pm. Thanks
  2. 2 Cannon mag 10s work excellent $400 for both. 2 cannon swivel bases $100 for both. 4 Berts 20 deg. rod holders $150 for all. 1 willey Planner board mast, 7ft. $75. 1 Big jon planner board mast with pulleys only. 5ft, $75. 2 Big jon planner board pulleys, $35 2 Cannon clamp on planner board reels, need handles, $75. Panther remote steer, $100. Will not ship, PM me fish-on or call 607-257-1803 Live near Ithaca.
  3. For the price, This boat is a steal!!!!
  4. Way to go George, Heard you got King of the day.
  5. Make offer, Suppose you'd have to look at it.
  6. Pair of manual Invader Downriggers, model 4000, $75.00 Panther power tilt n trim unit, $150.00 you pick up, Pm me.
  7. I've got a boat with a swim platform , Whats the wisest way to put a Kicker on my boat, Is there a bracket to attach it to the swim platform or would it be better to go the other way mounting, Take the platform off, I would think with the Kicker being out on the edge of the platform would be a lot of unslung weight out there.
  8. Saved a guy last year on Cayuga, Flipped his boat, Had 2 life vests on, 1 on him, The other around his ankle, He was a big guy over 300#s , If he hadn't stayed with the boats lower unit, He wouldn't have made it. People need to be careful out there.
  9. fish-on

    Sold / Closed Islander HardTop

    Another guy in Lansing, CnC custom, Does an excellent job, Just did a complete top for crazy eddys islander, $1200 something dollars. Did my camper screen room, $70 last fall. His name is Clifford noel.
  10. I've got both, Send me a PM, I live close, Dryden.
  11. I ran Bay Rats a couple weeks ago, I like their action, Didn't get to run them long enough to find out if they catch fish, I do know one idiot that came out of myers with a bass boat wide open and cut 5 of my lines off on the boards is a total loser that doesn't belong on any water what so ever, Not even in a row boat. Idiot. All 5 Bay Rats gone!!! Yeah they catch the lower unit of a 250 merc. real well.
  12. fish-on

    Sold / Closed Islander HardTop

    YES IT IS, GIVE ME A CALL, 607-257-1803
  13. Clifford Noel in Lansing, Cheap and does an EXCELLENT job.
  14. fish-on

    Sold / Closed Islander HardTop

    Just fished with it, Runs Excellent, Still have for sale!!!!!
  15. People don't do what I did to the ones they love and then continue to tell them they love them

  16. This is what I like to do to my family's home when I get caught cheating. My favorite cheat (I do have more than one) is profile starlyn or fish-ongirly. Same person, multiple personalities!

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