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  1. We ended up booking with Sunset RV and Cabins. Thank You to all for the suggestions. Tight Lines!
  2. Looking for suggestions for lodging for four anglers. Secure parking for two trucks and trailers would be nice. What do you recommend. Thanks for any replies.
  3. I have two Ugly Stik 1101 8'3" 6-20lb. One in Very Good Shape, one also in very good shape that needs an insert for one guide. Price is very reasonable. Let me know if interested. Thanks-saltr.
  4. Hi Rusty. I also have a 2012 Merc 150 Fourstroke pushing a 2102 Trophy. Had same prop as you (Alum. 17P) which pushed the boat to 39 mph. There was considerable slipping of the prop upon acceleration but it would catch up in a short time after planing. I went to a stainless prop with 15P and eliminated most of my slippage. The fact you state when you back off the throttle and the rpms drop and the boat then catches up would lead me to think you may have an issue with the flo torque prop HUB located inside the prop. saltr.
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