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  1. Go to Cayuga lake and try not to catch them.. You'll have a boatload.
  2. Fished T-falls this am. Lake was glass, headed north to start and wasn't marking much. Headed to the east side and it was the same story. Fished until 11 managing 3 landlocks, all came on the same green spoon around 50-100 fow, 20ft down.
  3. After lurking in the shadows for the past year I figure its about time for my first post! I'll be launching out of t-falls on Saturday with a friend. No real game plan yet but open to suggestion. Really hoping to get into some browns but not counting on it. Would be nice following a horrible season up on Ontario. I'll be sure to post some results and info that will hopefully be of benefit to others as I have learned a lot from you guys already.
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