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  1. Is it possible to compete in these tournaments in my kayak alone? can't come to this one, but thinking in future. Blessings,
  2. Any body suggest a site to be able to check lake Ontario wind on the U.S side? For Canada side I use windfinder Any help would be well received! thanks in advance, Blessings,
  3. G day! Gents/Ladies just joined the site, do all my fishing out of a kayak, own several Bought a hobie outback last year also have Ok Biggame and trident11 for small lakes and rivers. Good to see other kayaks here! Wahoo! Blessings,
  4. I'm a kayak angler from South Mountain, Ontario. Been reading about south side Lake Ontario interested in Browns and Lakers. Want to learn more about it stumbled on your site! Site looks great, looking forward to becoming an active member! Blessings,
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