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  1. We fished from September 9-11 out of the little salmon river area. We fished west from catfish to the plant and stayed mostly in 120-140 FOW. Marks were down 60-90 FOW and put our downriggers from 102-82 FOW. We had good luck on green dot spinny with green fly, some on meat rigs with 10" green dot spinny. Got a few on spoons as well Overall, it was a good weekend with lots of action. Biggest was 18 lb chinook, with a good mix of cohos, one brown and one walleye! 


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  2. We fished mostly west of the Little Salmon River to the red building in close 8ft and out to 60 ft of water. Most of our bites were on spoons, but got a few browns in close early with sticks on boards. Late morning marked lots of fish between 30 and 50 ft over 50-60 ft of water out from Catfish to the red building just off the white marker. Went 15 for 16 caught both browns and salmon, with one small Atlantic mixed in.  Biggest brown was 8 bs and biggest salmon 13 lbs. I fished mostly stinger size spoons, with a few a few mags in the mix. Hot spoon was Great Lakes Tackle glow wonderbread pattern in the stinger size. Fish that we kept had a mix of small alewives, mature alewives and some gobies in their stomach. 

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  3. That sounds good. Could you take a few measurements for me like between the holes front to back and side to side.  I seem to think my seats are more square pattern, those look more rectangular?

    My boat is in Mexico, so I can't say for sure right now. Sunday would probably be better for me. I am travelling from Maine on Saturday and need to open camp and get the boat ready for fishing.

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