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  1. Spencer,


    I saw this boat on the trailer.  Love the look of it,  really great looking rig.  Definitely on the short list of my next boat.

    I see you are in the Mexico area...any chance you stay at Salmon Country campground? That is where I keep the boat and my trailer. I am always looking for someone to share fishing information with and enjoy having a few beers at camp afterwards, swing by if you are in the area and see my rig.



  2. This is my rig..1998 22' CHawk that gets a lot of time on Lake Ontario and some on Stellwagon Bank fishing for Cod. this picture was actually taken in Gloucester and we are holding up some cod we caught. I have a home-made cleaning station that swings up over the motor and works great for filleting fish or cutting up bait for chunking.


  3. I remember a trip to Mexico bay back in the early eighties, I was still in high school and just got a job at a local bait and tackle shop. I purchased some new canvas hodgkin waders, a garcia conlon ultralight fishing rod and mitchell garcia 300 spinning reel. We drove my 1979 ford truck to Pulaski where we stayed at the Steelhead lodge. We fished off of nine mile point. The first morning while making my way down over the bank in the dark, I fell and ripped a big hole in my new waders, not having anything else to wear I decided to "wet wade" in the 40 degree water. As far as I can remember, I was the first one in my group to catch a brown while casting little cleos from shore. I caught a few fish that day and was hooked ever since. Fishing has changed a lot since and friends have come and gone...but I still really enjoy getting out fishing for salmon...we are truly lucky to have such a great pacific salmon fishery on the east coast!

  4. Yes, less than favorable migratory and spawning conditions this year are the likely suspects to a poor spawning year for steelhead and it sounds like some people are seeing the results first hand with fish having lots of eggs in them still. The good thing is steelhead can spawn many times in their life, so one bad year doesn't mean they can't be more successful next year, but does mean less smolts going out into the lake. Fish that don't deposit their eggs this year will reabsorb the nutrients left and can still spawn successfully the following year. 

  5. I have attached a few pictures from eggs removed from salmon last fall...these are viable eggs that will be fertilized with a male and placed into incubators to hatch...take note of the color. Sometimes lake trout eggs are more yellow, but the same opaque coloration. the egg color varies sometimes between fish depending on the diet and condition of the fish, similar to what you see when you filet the fish, the flesh color may vary.

  6. normal looking as in light pink or slightly orange and opaque? or were they clear like the ones in the photo? Loose in fish belly? Brown or steelhead? Like I said...it isn't too out of the ordinary to find some eggs left, but lots of eggs means the fish didn't spawn successfully. If you look closely at any mature female fish caught this time of year, there should be a small egg sac developing, it is just below the kidney which is the dark bloody section running along the ventral surface of the backbone. I caught a 8 lb steelhead last weekend and saw about a 3-4 inch long egg skein developing for this year, the eggs in the skein were about the size of a pin head.  

  7. The Eggs in the photo of the steelhead would have been from this spring and the reason they are still in the fish was likely due to the fish not spawning for some reason or failing to release all of her eggs if she did spawn. Typically you may see a few left, but normally there isn't that many. These eggs would not be viable and could not be fertilized to produce offspring. If it was a Skamania, the eggs would have been in the egg skien still and would not be loose. the other thing to look for is the color of the eggs, those in the picture were clear, a normal viable egg would be opaque in color. after the egg is past the time it can be fertilized it starts to break down and it will eventually be reabsorbed by the fish and it would leave just the egg shell behind which doesn't break down. I have worked in the fisheries filed for over 30 years with Atlantic salmon and have worked in fish hatcheries for much of that time and have seen this before.

  8. I fished over by Oswego on Sat/Sun and caught 1 brown,1 steelhead and 1 laker for two days, didn't get skunked though! The discharge out in front of the river was around 60-62 and there were lots of small fish on the screen, not sure what they were. Didn't see much for bait, with a few bigger marks. Most of the fish were between the surface and 30 ft. fished with planers, dipsys and downriggers. Fish came on spin doctor/fly and evil eye spoons. Good break of temperature on surface, but didn't see many boats netting fish. Really foggy on saturday, so didn't see many boats out. 

  9. Wow...lots of nice salmon! I've been fishing on the big lake for over 30 years and have never caught an Atlantic!

    great to see and hear from others who have had some luck catching these beautiful fish! I have caught many Atlantics in Maine on my fly rod, but haven't been so lucky on Lake Ontario. I'm headed to Mexico this weekend and hope to wet a line soon!

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