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  1. One last point, was this accumulation over the years time or was it due to new water intrusion. nothing said has indicated which it is.
  2. Hi , someone asks for help and it turns sour, unbelievable!. 1) I never said pump out all gallons in separate tank, I suggested to gain access to tank via sending unit or tank fill then check out fuel at bottom of tank with indicator paste . 2) I never said or implied that anyone was recommending anything to harm you or your boat. pissing contest go right at it, do or do not do as I suggested. I simply told you how I would address this fuel issue. Take care, Dino
  3. The trouble with the wait and see approach is that you do not know when or if the motor is affected by potentially bad fuel. If your out on the water and the water kicks up the last thing you want to address is changing a filter or being broken down. you may be ok and your fuel may just have what you discovered in your filter. But I strongly suggest that you should be prudent and inspect your Tank and make sure you your fuel is OK. Breaking down on the water in a boat is not like breaking down in a car you simply can not get out and walk for help. As far as disposing of bad fuel many gas stations that do car repairs have waste tanks they may have a small fee and accept your bad fuel or at the very least let you know what facility you can dispose of it in a proper manner.
  4. Hi, the water is on the bottom of the tank and the fuel pickup is usually an inch or so above the bottom. To remove the water you have to remove the fill pipe or the sending unit and then put a hose to the bottom and draw out from the bottom of the tank until you encounter no water. Ethanol already in the fuel is very similar to dry gas you very likely have a considerable amount of water that needs to be physically removed. Please keep in mind use nothing that can create a spark. After you remove the bad portion of the fuel I would go to the auto store and buy a couple of cans of octane booster . harbor freight and staples on line sells a cream that changes color when in contact with water it is used for oil tanks and fuel tanks this will tell you of water being present in your tank at the bottom. hope this helps. Dino
  5. Hi, you never mentioned how the boat sat in the water without moving.The fact that you are well above the RPM range of the motor is a perfect indication that you are under propped, the boat and motor tells you at wot which direction you have to go; bigger diameter (if possible) and or higher pitch. The cavitation plate should be level or a little above the keel, The fact that you are not cavitating while underway and turning tells you the motor is not set too high on the transom. However, setting a motor too low with the cavitation plate well below the keel could cause some issues in handling at different rpms. I find it hard to believe the torque of the motor or prop could cause this. Personally 1) I would check the bottom for any warpage or damage. 2) see how the boat sits at the dock with you and your gear as you have it. 3) definitely replace the prop to turn at wot within the manufacturers recommended range. I hope this helps and good luck.Dino P.S. when this is corrected please let us know the cause.
  6. Looking for original bluechart chip for the Lk Ontario and finger lake region MUS019R for a older Garmin gps 182C Thank you
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