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  1. Hey guys . Spent 3 seasons on the big water and have the fish fairly dialed in but Just wondering everyone’s input on how early they have started to troll for salmon ? Getting bored with the lakers already lol . I’ve heard that in my area (Wellington, Brighton , Wicklow ) they don’t kick on until end of June usually . And this is usually when I have started trolling . Meanwhile I see our friends near the GTA have been slaying them already for a few weeks. Just wondering if I should give it a try in the next week or two or would I just be washing spoons ?
  2. Hey guys . Looking for any info about trolling the north shore for browns . From what I understand I’ll be fishing fairly shallow with my planer boards . I’m looking to try Athol bay near Wellington , and also have heard through the grape vine that some get caught near the cement plant near colborne. I live in Brighton so trying to stay local , don’t want to head too far into the GTA if I don’t have to . Thanks !
  3. Thanks for the update . It’s nice to hear giving there aren’t tons of people that go out in the area (i launch from home in Brighton or make the trek to Wellington ) finally have this weekend free to get out . If you don’t mind me asking what speed seemed to be working?
  4. Got out last Sunday , 70 feet of water caught one lake trout around 12 pounds at 50 feet down on dipsey and spoon. Also saw a king jump out of the water no more than 40 yards from the boat . Also lost one up high reeling in a crank bait
  5. Cut bait / meat Just wondering what you guys prefer when using cut bait /meat. Also has anyone tried whole shrimp or anything ? I remember when when I was out in Alberta you could buy whole frozen herring . Is there any suppliers here at home in Ontario for pacific herring ? Thanks
  6. Any luck out there when you went ? Been thinking of trying to slip out one calm morning myself .
  7. Any you guys have any luck towards presquile area at all ? Say out from Nicholson island area?
  8. Might be going to Wicklow today, any chance of lakers there ?
  9. Anyone fishing near brighton? Out right now fishing around I beleive the Bonet out from the island in 100-130fow fishing about 75-80fow using down riggers with spoons any suggestions?
  10. Thanks for info. what kind of fish finders you guys running ? Looking for some reccomendations as the stock one that came with my boat is a piece of crap. Thanks
  11. Took my boat out for a quick ride with the girlfriend yesterday afternoon. Trolled for only an hour or so with no hits and not much on the fish finder but didn't go past 100 fow and fished down 60-70. Would like to know if you guys have any luck !
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