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  1. Thanks Crestliner1850, appreciate your finding the info and sharing it. Bent rods and tight lines.
  2. Will be heading to Cobourg June 29 for a 3 day stay, is the bite on and if so at what depth ? Thanks
  3. Both have been sold, I am trying to figure how to delete the add.
  4. 2 Rapala Mooching Rods and Reels, North Coast Special Edition - SOLD
  5. 2017 Very few Canadian reports ? Good day to all, I logon here to read once a week, yet this year there are very few Canadian reports. Interesting enough Get It Wet Charters are reporting amazing fishing on Lake Ontario. Any explanations ?
  6. Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately the wind kept me off the big lake. Heading back to Montreal tomorrow, Friday, maybe later in the season or next year.
  7. Scotch Bonnet bite Will be in Kingston this week to visit family, hoping to get out in the Scotch Bonnet area, does anyone know if the bite is on ? Thanks
  8. I put TUFF Microlead 18lb test on my mooching reels last year mounted on 10'6" mooching rods and it worked for the season. You need to inspect the last 10 feet for breakage. During the off season I inspected the whole length and had to throw it all away. This was due to breakage of the lead core at different locations throughout the length. This year I will probably put the TUFF Microlead 27lb test on my mooching rods. Hopefully the thicker lead will be more durable. Must say it is a LOT OF FUN catching fish any where from 5 lbs or more on the mooching rods.
  9. Sad to read your response Seadog52. I thought they had put 24 hr patrol on the river this year.
  10. Pace I really appreciate the input, rainbow trout of that size are fun to catch on light equipment.
  11. Frank, I fish lake champlain on a regular basis, the salmon (landlock salmon) bite is slow and the lake trout also. The thermocline is down around 65-70 feet, reports of fishing 70-90 deep are somewhat successful. They have a website also http://www.lakechamplainunited.com/forums/ Fishing will pick up again beginning October right into December.
  12. Hi Frank, I had been considering trolling, based on input it is now longer in my plans to bring my boat. Added to that plans might be completed cancelled to fish the Ganaraska River.
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