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  1. Came from Ottawa, Canada to fish today..... Gorgeous morning with 2 quick fish...... Then 2 hits and misses for the rest of the day.....our biggest catch was the boat that broke down when the waves and wind came up..... Glad we were able to tow him back. Hope the bottom of his boat didn't take too much damage. Thanks Fish On for the info..... Great day. Tough fishing but where better to spend my 45th birthday!

    We also made the ride from Ottawa...my son posted a report above . He's ReelDealGuidedFishing. We did ok after two days but still tough fishing for sure. We were in the black Legend.

  2. It's been cold he last couple weeks. Looks like there will be some warmer weather late next week which should get the Browns going. Just look for colored water a few degrees warmer than the rest. Often that is found at a river mouth. Sticks and spoons off planners work for me.

    Thanks Kevin. Yeah hoping it warms up soon. They're calling for about 4-5 inches snow here in Ottawa tomorrow. Sick of winter.

  3. Where do you wanna fish at ? I fish Mexico bay area, and weather permitting do well.

    Great now I know where to start lol....Like I said I have no idea where to fish but thanks for the help. I have planer boards and plenty spoons and minnow baits so hopefully lady luck will shine on us.



  4. As title says coming from Ontario hopefully if weather cooperates weekend of Apr. 16th.

    Hoping someone can point us in the right direction ie.  where to stay motels etc.. , maybe launch etc...

    Fishing out of 18' boat fully rigged.

    Any info appreciated.





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