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  1. Is that launch in Aurora?
  2. Thanks Ryno
  3. Finger Lakes Coming from Ottawa and was going to fish Oswego but winds look unfavorable for my 18' boat on Saturday. I'm thinking of trying one of the finger lakes. I heard that some of them stock landlocked atlantics and browns. Kinda last minute but I'd appreciate any info. Cheers
  4. Seen the same small alewives up on the canadian side this past weekend.
  5. Hey Erick maybe post on Spoonpullers site. Probably better luck there. We just stay at the comfort inn when we go to port hope.
  6. in Ottawa watching rain and rain !!! Maybe get down next weekend
  7. Out for last 2 weekends and seen tons bait out of Sodus.
  8. Atomik 7 strand on Coldwater 303 I know the reel will take the whole 1000' but I'm wondering if backing is needed and if so how much will it take?
  9. @Hakuna Matata....Get that boy some pants lol
  10. If its early morning and still kinda dark just hit the box with a flashlight for few'll see which ones are glow
  11. Okuma Coldwater 453 capacity Just setting up a pair of 5 color cores and thought I'd pass along what fit. 50 ' fluoro leader plus 5 colors of 27 lbs leadcore and lastly 700' of 30 lbs Big Game mono.
  12. Didn't know this. Thanks
  13. wear till end of April?
  14. Must wear of have on board?
  15. And the lucky buyer is............