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  1. Okuma Coldwater 453 capacity Just setting up a pair of 5 color cores and thought I'd pass along what fit. 50 ' fluoro leader plus 5 colors of 27 lbs leadcore and lastly 700' of 30 lbs Big Game mono.
  2. Didn't know this. Thanks
  3. wear till end of April?
  4. Must wear of have on board?
  5. And the lucky buyer is............
  6. Thanks guys. Good advice for sure. Now to get bearings done on trailer so I can get my ass down to Mexico Bay.
  7. Fished Mexico bay last spring for the first time and did pretty good. Just wondering if we can expect similar fishing in Henderson as it's closer for us Ontario guys.
  8. Henderson for browns? Given the choice between Henderson or Mexico Bay for early season browns, what is the better option?
  9. you guys had me pumped...thought this was recent !!
  10. Boring enough doing search a words.....but making one...You're hooks better be razor sharp!
  11. I'm running all Okuma Coldwaters and they're real nice for the $$
  12. for sale : usa

    Seen some of those spoons on ebay
  13. mine works fine on a macbook running safari
  14. Was wondering what the hell you guys were talking about....finally figured it out quite by accident !
  15. What about using side scan to try follow schools baitfish?