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  1. Boring enough doing search a words.....but making one...You're hooks better be razor sharp!
  2. I'm running all Okuma Coldwaters and they're real nice for the $$
  3. for sale : usa

    Seen some of those spoons on ebay
  4. mine works fine on a macbook running safari
  5. Was wondering what the hell you guys were talking about....finally figured it out quite by accident !
  6. What about using side scan to try follow schools baitfish?
  7. I bought some led black light uv strips and attached them in a cheap Stanley plastic toolbox. Then wrapped whole inside of toolbox with "mirror" vinyl wrap for maximum light reflection. Works like a charm.
  8. you can launch right in Wellington at the tackle store. Good luck.
  9. go to tackle store in Wellington. Its called the reel thing. They have the most popular spoons.
  10. The only thing I found is a product made by Off. It's called botanicals. We tried it last weekend as all the flies were landing on our legs. One application and boom all flies gone. The odd one tries to land but quickly takes off and not a bite.
  11. We did good out of Wellington this past weekend. Went 5 for 7 Friday. Biggest 22 and a couple of teens. Saturday little slower with 3 decent fish and lots of shakers and a 15. Fish were deeper.
  12. We started getting them at the Bonnet last year first week of July.
  13. found one locally. thanks to all