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  1. Bump. Open to offers or trades.
  2. Selling two Rapala Magnum Sinking - CD-18 GFR-MAG 7 " Blue has been pulled twice. Orange has never seen water. Boxes are beat up from rolling around my tackle bag. $20 USD+ shipping.
  3. Alright, thanks Sean. Appreciate everyone's input.
  4. It's when I am all done for the day. I pull the boat off and then take the riggers off their mounts so I can put the cover on. As soon as the downrigger weight is no longer "pulling" on the cable to keep it tight, it unspools like crazy. I lay the riggers inside the boat on the floor and as soon as tension is removed from the steel cable, it unspools like a crazy person.
  5. The issue for me is that it unspools unless there's constant weight/pull on the cable. This wasn't a thing prior to me replacing the cable, and was never a thing with other Downriggers I've owned. I was wondering if it had to do with the diameter/brand/type of steel cable I put on them?
  6. Thanks for the tip Legacy. It's typically a one man job for me as well.
  7. Alright thanks. Doesn't seem like there's a magic trick to the whole thing, so I figured I'd ask anyways. I'll remember to do that.
  8. I have two Big Jon Sportsman Downriggers that I need to replace the cable on this season. Last year I did it, but the cable was constantly coming unspooled when I would take the riggers off the mounts to put on the cover. This has caused a bunch of kinks. Before I replaced the cable, this wasn't an issue. Did I put on the wrong type of cable for these downriggers, or put it on incorrectly? I owned Cannons before this and this was also never a thing when replacing that cable.
  9. Would have to be shipped to 55605. MN.
  10. I'll take one if you split them up.
  11. Looking for some size 1 Dipsy Divers at a good price. Located in Canada, but can have them shipped to Grand Portage, MN. Live right by the border. Reply or send me a PM with what you have. Thank you.
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