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  1. I prefer the wire myself and I get the from torpedo as it doesn’t kink as much if at all. Twill tips are very important, as far as rods You need enough flex so in rough sea your not tripping them all the time but stiff enough so you can still manage the “big one”. There are many that will work good.
  2. I had same problem and a new fuel pump fixed it.
  3. Saltiest is one of the best and Shimano is right there to. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Magic marker on the back. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. The birds are very nice! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. 10 to 12 miles per he wind will be to much out of the west or north. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. They will probably say you cant gas you boat up except at there fuel dock now that there is one.
  8. When you replace rivets, use whats called "structural rivets" they are stronger than original. Put a bit of 5200 calk/glue on them and rivet them inplace. The best method for checking rivets is with a cold chisel and hammer, place chisel on head and Lightly tap and listen, bad rivets sound much different. But dont hit the head so hard your wrecking good rivets. Its very easy in practice.
  9. Exactly I have been a construction supervisor as well, and I don't know any in private sector that would not have gotten canned over the way they are doing this job.. So many cool aid drinkers.....
  10. So a fountain, you can steal a lot of money pretending to spend it on and expensive fountain next to the one of the largest fresh water sources in the world. Makes sense if your a white collar thief. By the way, I do think that the government institutions like the city that is going to manage a marina should do it at least as efficient as the privately owned marinas. Do you know of any marina that is not used 7 months a year shutting down and doing the work the 5 months it can be used. That was a rhetorical question, only a moron would do that if there was a way to avoid it. Even if the work took 3 years in the winter they would still do all the work in the off season.
  11. I have heard they are going to use the parking lots for something that Politicians think is more important than fishermen, with vehicles and trailers. So that's going to go away from what I have been told, so if you think this is bad wait till you see what they will do to you. You can launch but no where to park your vehicle and trailer close by. I guess they found a way they can make more money, so its there for them to steal.
  12. I have a few herby fish style weights, some are finished some are not. Have several ball weights as well. $30 for the 12# herby weights, $25 for the 8# painted and $20 the unfinished (unpainted, un-filed balls ) $35 for the #14 herby fish unfinished
  13. All the same size, but the pictures do make them look different. I didn't notice till now, but no all the same size the standard size no magnums.
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