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  1. Knotlost Charters

    Little monsters

    Horrible how bad they are. Army corps of engineers can’t help? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. One is brand new one was used a couple of times but is in like new condition, heartland trolling rod seven-foot great poles. . Only reason I'm selling is I needed a longer pole. HLD-LC Medium line is from 18-17 pound ceramic guides. $100 for both and I will ship for shipping cost.
  3. Knotlost Charters

    Sealing underside of plywood floor..

    You need to get that foam out it is holding water against the flooring, probably waterlogged as well. Fiberglass, by the way, is water permeable, epoxy is not .
  4. Knotlost Charters

    Dipsey leaders

    Are you setting the poles so they are at a 90^to the pull of the wire? Normally this spot is 90 out the side of the boat so poles can bend max amount on fish strike. Are your drags Smooth ( even good reels can be or go bad). Do you set the drag just tight enough to keep wire from coming out? Just son starting points here. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Knotlost Charters

    Paint bubbling

    That will do it, you have electrolysis going on. You need to check the wiring and make sure its proper, they probably removed a bilge pump and just didn't disconnect-connect the wires. You can grind the bad spots down and prime with some good barrier coat primer and paint. its a pain in the neck but easy fix. Make sure paint is suitable for alum boats. I like the interlux stuff.
  6. Knotlost Charters

    Dipsey leaders

    you have other issues, I use 25 # no snubber and never have had a break-off. Your technique is wrong somewhere. The right pole has the right give, the right reel has drags that can do the job, the right setting on the drag will not get broken off. somewhere you have a problem in this system.
  7. Knotlost Charters

    Starting over

    -You know the Islander could have started that fire, they are the jealous type. Keep an eye on her... Sorry for your loss I have a couple of pen 210 reels that I just got back from having new drags installed let me know when you're up in Oswego and I will give them to you. They are not bad reels and hold a lot of line.
  8. Sold pending receipt of funds.
  9. Tried a few time to get in touch no answer....
  10. I am guessing around 5 years old and no binding that I can tell it works perfectly.
  11. I'm selling my working Raymarine smartpilot X5-R auto pilot. This is for the complete autopilot, everything included. What is included is the helm, a ST70 control head, the course computer, flux gate compass, and the cable talk wiring for a complete install. It has all the documentation and I believe I even have the original boxes (but I would need to look if you want them). What’s better is this unit is still installed on my boat and is working so you can come and look at it work, and see how its installed yourself. You can even help uninstall it if you want a working knowledge of how to install it into your boat. Some info from the Raymarine site…. The Raymarine SPX-5R pilot is a helm mounted autopilot designed for use on small sports and fishing boats typically up to 9.2 m (30 ft) in length. Suitable for use with fixed and tilt helms, the pilot consists of a drive unit that fits over your existing steering wheel shaft, a course computer with a rate gyro for precise course keeping and control head with large LCD information display. Mechanical steered boats – up to 4,400 lbs (2,000 kg) Hydraulic steered boats – up to 7,000 lbs (3,181 kg) $700.00 cash or $725.00 Credit card.
  12. Knotlost Charters

    Oil Pan Replacement Merc V6

    The price does not sound bad at all for the time that takes..
  13. Knotlost Charters

    Need help hooking up Yamaha 9.9

    You can also find owners manuals online and that shows you as well.
  14. Knotlost Charters

    Ray Marine SmartPilot X5-R

    Yes it will work fine. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United