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  1. Auhhh Primer bulbs have check valves in them already... Yes it will work fine the way you described.
  2. They will just plain work, use mine almost every day and never had a failure in 8 years..... I just with the booms were flexible to relieve some of the stress on the boat.
  3. I like the Tracktex stuff as well.
  4. I have a Raymarine and its very nice, Im amazed at how nice the new ones are. Contact L+M he can help you out with everything and has great prices.
  5. Looks like a much better set up now its closer, so you can just use a bracket off your main. Kickers are way better than using your main, not even close if you use the boat a lot. If only on occasions then maybe its not worth it.
  6. Bare, that's why its marketed as "AlumaBrite" because it brightens aluminum.
  7. Just use a structural rivet
  8. Alum a brite you can get it at NAPA.
  9. Problem you’re not thinking about is the prop. You prop it for trolling so if you prop it for high seas an what you’re referring to you will be going to fast in normal water. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. You are confusing what they are referring to as a "motor". They mean your primary propulsion motor, nothing to do with a kicker at trolling speeds. The more motors you have and bigger the boat the harder it is to turn underway, without the right muscle. A big boat with big motors cant turn there is a tremendous force against the skegs, and lower units to keep them straight. At trolling speeds its very little.
  11. I like interlux products (just a personal preference no slam on any others) So I would call and talk to a tec. They are experts at it and always have helped me out. You know by the way when your calling them you're talking to a pro and not a salesman who was "told" but a guy who develops paint and works with it 5 days a week making sure it works the best it can. You have a lot of variables that you need to talk to them about.
  12. The panels they sell at harbor freight would do the job as cheaply and efficiently as anything (100 amp). You need to take the amps of motor use to figure out what size bank you need. I would go with what you have and you will know pretty fast if its enough. The solar charger will be plenty big enough if it has 4 to 6 hrs of charge time to on the battery bank. The nice thing with those solar chargers if it is not enough you can buy a second one and piggyback it and you still haven't spent that much money compared to the rest of the field. They work great by the way.
  13. 9.9 are the standard nowadays, its big enough to push 30+ feet, but you need to get the ones they purposely make for kickers. they have lower gear ratio and are propped different, the work great but don't go over 4 or 5 mph no matter what, but can all ways push trolling speeds. Yamaha is same as merc but the stickers on the merc are more.
  14. Merry Christmas everyone! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. With my copper is all backed with braid, so when my copper is out almost all the time the braid is out 60 to 100 yards (so you have to allow for this when selecting what copper to run) If I want to move it because of fish on another pole, I pick the pole up and move it to the opposite side of boat way up high on the cabin (pole holder there for this purpose), and the line will lift out of the water almost to the copper (pole is almost straight up tip of pole on my boat is probably 15 feet from water) . You will have from 30 feet to 70 feet depending on many factors of clear water, but this will not work with bad pole handling, the fish needs to be controllable (some are not no matter what) if i see that's going on, it comes in.
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