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  1. Knotlost Charters

    Ray Marine SmartPilot X5-R

    Yes it will work fine. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Knotlost Charters

    best knot for wire

    Exactly what he said! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. No you’re doing it right. You are correct on the desired numbers. You were not clear in what you were doing. So someone was giving you advice on something else. you are checking your voltage/amps on your downrigger cable is correct? if so yes you want to be about .6 it rise because you boat is acting like a battery. It’s gradually growing the current as it’s holding more voltage/amperage. Does not necessarily mean you have a electric leak it’s way too complicated to discuss on here, but the black box would fix it Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Knotlost Charters

    Fishing line recommendations please

    The standard go-to is BIG GAME as for the poundage you may start with something around 15# Having said that, there are many variables that can change that poundage, but they pretty much are all good today, P-line, blood run, all the stren line, and on and on the list goes. Almost all the line today is much better than line 15 years ago.
  5. Knotlost Charters

    Dipsy divers and meat

    If you run it with a smaller paddle, as normally your running meat with Big A.. paddles, just drop down to the normal 8" paddle like for a fly and it will work fine. .
  6. Knotlost Charters

    Rod length for lead thoughts

    Its more the Indian than it is the arrow..... just saying..
  7. Knotlost Charters

    What to run on copper opinions

    Pick a starting point.... say meat and if you cant generate some strikes after a couple of color changes, by all means, go to a spoon or Fly n flasher. What gives you confidence is the best thing to run, just don't run it all day with no strikes that stubbornness.
  8. Knotlost Charters

    In line boards- necessary Modification.

    Use two rubber bands half hitched around the braid, then hook the rubber bands to the planer, you can go to 3 bands or down to 1 depending on weight of the line your pulling. Half hitch the rubber band 3X though (each one) so they don't slide. This although a pain to do works and will reduce the swearing on your boat substantially. I cant get anything else to work either on inlines with heavy lines, that's why we go to the otters many times.
  9. Knotlost Charters

    1st time on Lake Ontario - any advice appreciated

    40# isn't helping much with fleas, go to 50#. I have 40 on and its still a 10 min max soak its horrible.
  10. Knotlost Charters

    Monkey Puke

    Stay away from the herd, to many boats bunching up will shut the fish off even if they are there. i had a stellar day, but got away from the herd, and fished meat rigs at 60 feet.
  11. Knotlost Charters

    Dipsy Divers

    Get the ugly stick trolling rod, biggest one you can deal with, put a twilly tip on it, run 300 feet of 50-pound braid on a Diawa saltiest 30 reel and put 200 (fill the reel the rest of the way) feet of braided SS wire on it with 60 feet of floro leader then slide diver it. Best set up you will ever have.
  12. Knotlost Charters

    1st time on Lake Ontario - any advice appreciated

    Before buying all that gear that's hit and miss, get a meat rig ( white/clear glow) with clear 'ish" teasers (3) use it with a white paddle bigger the better. fish early and you will do fine. Or get a charter and save your time and trouble its almost cheaper... on downriggers is fine. They dont make flea flicker any more you need to clean lines at 20 mins max right now no short cuts.
  13. Knotlost Charters

    Fluro carbon on flashers and flies

    Most run straight to flasher with mainline. Often though you may use the same pole set up with spoons, so then it dose help to have some flor on it. So it matters when your spread changes, often for me if Fly and flasher is dead i want to put a spoon on, well my poles are rigged for spoons so there is floro on them so there is a fast transition from one to another.
  14. Knotlost Charters

    Water Pump- Sprayer for FLEAS!

    not unless you have one that has firetruck velocities your not blowing these off with water.... Could use a pressure washer I suppose.... might be worth trying with these buggers...
  15. Knotlost Charters

    Oswego fishing report

    Like Rich said the 50 to 60 foot rigger were on fire, total out of temp, but the fish don't read the internet so they don't know what they are supposed to do.... was a great meat day for me, crushed big kings on meat, surprising was the copper wasn't very active only two serious hits... rigger was on fire in the morning. Use something white in the morning and it will help..