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  1. All the same size, but the pictures do make them look different. I didn't notice till now, but no all the same size the standard size no magnums.
  2. Is there brand new lead , size waxed 41 caliber. 215 grain semi wadcutters sized it .411 top quality , getting rid of extra stock $50 for 500 and I have two boxes of 500 I’m selling. I can ship both in a large flat rate box for 20 bucks to your door. I take PayPal but you pay fees. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. This is six Dipsy divers there are .....black two, chrome one, glow one, green one, orange one, and assorted rings glow yellow white rings take a good look at the pictures you’re getting what you seeing. $75 shipped USPS medium flat rate box to your door or $60 picked up in Fulton New York. I accept PayPal but you pay the cost. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. I did my 26 footer 2 years ago, no its not glued only fasteners. You will need to cut the corners of the transom, as on the top its welded. Its not a big deal it can be re welded or riveted back together. When its all off spend some serous time cleaning the transom skin on the inside. I found many corrosion pin holes, I welded or replaced skin where needed. I also coated the inside of my skin with the epoxy that's for tinny boats cant think of the name but its for filling holes and creating a no corrosion surface. I have had marine plywood coated with epoxy rot to hell in 10 years, I would not have though it so but it did and it wasn't in bad conditions either. It shocked me but it did. I replace my tansom with an all aluminum 2 X 2 tube and 1/4 inch plate. It works flawless and I had a bunch of Nancy's tell me the world was going to stop spinning if I did. Flexing can be an issue of concern and dont dismiss it, when your done and you take it out to sea test it (I know you will of course, will very carefully) run a few strings across the back on the outside, you can duct tape them and watch them as you accelerate to make sure your not getting excessive flexing. You have to have a way to check and make sure the transom isn't moving much. If you have a lot of flexing back to the drawing board. That's why I went the way I did.
  5. When brown trout ends most of the season is out there. Until lot unless late season move us in. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Auhhh Primer bulbs have check valves in them already... Yes it will work fine the way you described.
  7. They will just plain work, use mine almost every day and never had a failure in 8 years..... I just with the booms were flexible to relieve some of the stress on the boat.
  8. I have a Raymarine and its very nice, Im amazed at how nice the new ones are. Contact L+M he can help you out with everything and has great prices.
  9. Looks like a much better set up now its closer, so you can just use a bracket off your main. Kickers are way better than using your main, not even close if you use the boat a lot. If only on occasions then maybe its not worth it.
  10. Bare, that's why its marketed as "AlumaBrite" because it brightens aluminum.
  11. Alum a brite you can get it at NAPA.
  12. Problem you’re not thinking about is the prop. You prop it for trolling so if you prop it for high seas an what you’re referring to you will be going to fast in normal water. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. You are confusing what they are referring to as a "motor". They mean your primary propulsion motor, nothing to do with a kicker at trolling speeds. The more motors you have and bigger the boat the harder it is to turn underway, without the right muscle. A big boat with big motors cant turn there is a tremendous force against the skegs, and lower units to keep them straight. At trolling speeds its very little.
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