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  1. The Big One cut bait is the the bee's knees!!
  2. That's Dan Coleman's place. Real I assure you.
  3. I have 3 of these riggers in operating condition. 2 of them have the heavy duty 4' boom and the one Marlin model is missing the boom but operates otherwise. Asking $400 USD for all 3.
  4. Fishwilly

    Sold / Closed 1997 Trophy 2002

    Do you have bimini top for it?
  5. I'm still wondering what the hell happened?
  6. Hey Andre quick Navionics question.....don't mean to hijack this post. Here in Canada the app costs $75 for Ipad. My question is what is the renewal fee after the year is up?
  7. on north shore we run em all the time...The frog pattern is deadly
  8. Tried it and only get 1 mile or so. Go hard wire with 8' antenae
  9. Also like the triangular grip on the handle. Helps square off against the big kings.
  10. These reels have super smooth drags. I have a couple on my boat and no problems after 2 seasons.
  11. I've used up to 6 oz snap weights on 10 color core and works great.
  12. From Ottawa also bud. Was also planning on going for browns in next couple weeks...not sure now.
  13. Can someone recommend a decent place to camp with a spot to slip a 22' boat?
  14. What was the payout for big fish last year?
  15. This is the answer I was hunting for. Makes total sense.
  16. Thanks for the advice on the tow eye. I'll try that. Don't need any lead...the composite board is plenty heavy and they sit low enough
  17. yeah they are a compound mitre. I copied the Amish board 100%. My boat is only 18' but I have a 6' mast so the line must be at least 8' up. I just find that the boards don't pull off to the side like I'd hope and seem to drag behind the boat.
  18. I made of set of composite pvc boards like the Amish ones. (copied my buddies exactly) Only thing I'm wondering is could i had a rigid piece of aluminum on one of the skis at the lead edge to extend the angle of attack? I'm thinking even adding a lip that is an 1" or 2" longer if they'd pull out more?
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