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  1. I read here some where about extending or increasing the size of the rudder to make the boat steer better. We have a 89 penn yan and to say they dont respond well at slow speeds is an understatement. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Clay
  2. Pretty slow out there. Fished for about 4 hrs went 2/5. One steelie ont he planer, orange and yellow spoon, one laker down 40' on a orange spoom. Surface temp was about 55, 200 fow. Went out deeper with no hits so went in to about 8o fow where we marked more fish but got nothing. It least it was a nice day.
  3. Great idea. Thanks Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. I'm building a board also. I got a 4'x2' half inch sheet from grainger for $100. We have a metal railing that I clamp the board to across the corners with sliding squeeze clamps. I'm going to hole saw some 2in drain holes in the back corners and put some wedges underneith to tilt it back. when I'm done I'll post a pic if I can figure out how to.
  5. We had some good days off maxwell too . How was the water color and temp? That atlantic we caught this spring had a much pointier head. I guess we should have taken a pic. And any help in posting pics.
  6. Trying to post a picture Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Left the dock about 7:30 and ran out to about 180 fow and set up. Got a laker and steely in just over 200 fow on a pinkand black spoon.Went out to over 400 fow where the temp went down to 50 deg. Went back to the way point where we got the first fish and picked up a couple of lakers on the way. Hit the way point and went back out to over 500 fow. The only thing consistant the that we cuaght almost all the fish on a pink and black spoon. So 5 lakers,2 steelies and3 kings. Picked up a small dragger that might have been a coho, very green on its back.
  8. That was me. I'll be there saturday morning.Channel 68. Picked up some new lures to try. Hopefully the weather cooperates.
  9. I did a maple syrup brine for some lake trout and it came out pretty good.
  10. Left the dock about 9:30. Went out to about 150 fow and set up. Had a nice steelhead in 180 fow but it spit the hook. Rigger was down 25ft, surface temp was 53. Laker was next, down 20ft. After that we got 2 more steelhead and 2 salmon. All in 200-250 fow. Surface temp was 53 and down 20ft iy was 50. 4 of the fish were caught on orange and chartuese spoons Got chased off the lake by thunderstorms about 1:30.
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