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  1. 1)Dodgers be hind Dipsey divers- from dipsey to dodger, should I use 25lbs test to dodger? Fly I will try already has a leader on it so no need to tie a leader to lure. Usually use between 8 and 10 lbs for leader with Sutton's. 2) Jigging- I don't have a temp gage. He plan is to run two Dipsey, one from 0 to 40 and one 40to 70 to find what depth they are holding, then give jigging a shot. Should I anchor up? Also I've bought a ton of flukes, apparently the wrong ones... Posting pic of the new ones from bass pro with paddle tails... hope these are right
  2. First one... snapped a huge one off trying to upload this ... ugh
  3. These are the twin minnows I found at my aunt's bait shop. Orginals. Uncle has been holding out. Now to rigging. Les explained 30lbs leader with it tied copper. Is this the same as flat lining? Seems heavy when 6lbs test would better. Just wondering why heavy vs light. Thanks.
  4. No wake on the lakes last I knew. Check Seneca Daily, maybe they updated since Wednesday. 5mph advisory
  5. Lots of debris in front of Belhurts. Seneca is starting to look like Cayuga... Mud....
  6. I can't seem to find a source to get the twin minnows. What company makes them? Only ones I could find were vintage on eBay. Thanks.
  7. Nope never heard of this technique.. will try anything at this point. Can't get out till the weekend tho
  8. Actually one of the first mornings out I think I had a strike but I brought someone out with me and he thought he crossed my line... been going out by myself since. I do know where a very large school of sawbellies are. We saw a lot fish striking on the surface that first day out. Maybe I'll give it another shot out there with top line out the other side. Thanks for all the info. Looks like with the storms Ill be very busy cleaning up storm damage and won't be able to hit the water till next weekend. I'll keep everyone up to date.
  9. I am considering a guide... keep shelling out gas money to catch nothing is getting rather tire some and costly...
  10. I was thinking exactly what you said... I gotta be putting to much line out and dragging it so the lure isn't getting optimal presentation.... couple times I found mussels in the middle of the line... figure it had to be dragging unless those little buggers are swimming with the fishes grabbing my line. I've been trying to get my cuz buddy to take me out but he isn't into trolling so he won't set me up with the guy to learn. Hence trial and error.
  11. Spoons I used... lighter hammered one is the one I mostly used. Just got the other from a local.
  12. I told the owner from Sutton I was pulling copper. Trying to figure out how to post picture of lure.
  13. I'm going to lay my line out and measure exactly what I got out. I know there is over 300 feet of the .45gauge wire from bass pro. I switched to a spoon a guy gave me at the dock this morning. He had a 14 lbs laker in his live well... ties it right to the copper. I had a 15 ft 6lbs mono... took that off cause he said to try it right to the copper.... I got out to late in the morning today. Tried trolling some by high banks. Then jigging out in front of Belhurts... 10:30 to 2 isn't idle I hear... usually I'm on the water by 4:30 5 am
  14. I didn't know that. I have been seeing some bigger fish on the surface early early in the morning. About 35 feet of water. To be honest rainbow, laker, Brown, salmon.... something besides bass pike perch or catfish....
  15. I have been trying to break the ice and catch the my first trout... so far no luck. We have been trying Seneca lake. Mostly pulling copper and jigging. I've got about 400 ft of copper on and let out about 350 to 370 ft fishing in 35 to 50 ft of water. I got a little Minn kota 30lbs troller to push me around and a fish finder to find structure and depth. Lure of choice has been Sutton spoon. I was recently given a heavier spoon by a guy at the docks in Geneva. When we are not pulling copper I have been trying jigging with a buddy... cast a ahead, time it out so that it hits bottom in time to get a straight up and down jig... still no luck. Working on getting a vertical probe for gauging temp in the column for jigging but speed depth and temp system is out of the question this year. Trolling, I can't seem to find bottom.. jigging I can't seem to find fish(zoom flukes with 1oz jig head). Well, fish finder says there are fish there, other guys where going over same spot over and over again... gotta be fish there righ? Can some one give me some pointers to catch one and break the ice? Do I need more line out to reach bottom pulling copper? Any pointers are appreciated
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