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  1. Mr 580 , thanks for the offer but i have 3 of these units, one i've had for 30 plus yrs and last yr i bought one on ebay for my son , and last week i bought another one on ebay for a back up, problem was i gave the booklet to my son to calibrate his unit and now , you guessed it he cant find it. This is why some animals eat thier young, ha ha . Thanks for the offer though
  2. Surely not everyone here is a newbie. This unit was sold by lowrance from around 1977 to 1983 , a good unit it just needs to be calibrated every now and then, and without the manual it's hopeless. This is a small handheld unit that goes down to 100 ft manually on a hand spool. I troll southern NY resiviors and it's row power only , been doing it that way for about 35 yrs, weapon of choice are homemade rods,7' to 9' ambassador 7000 reels and 18lb test leadcore, 30ft leader of 8lb trilene XL green and miller,sutton and geneava spoons,also rebel J20 plugs in blue back. So its pretty important that i get my Fish n Temp up and running. Any help is most appreciated.
  3. Been using the lowrance fish n temp for over 30 yrs. Great unit but its need calibrating and i cant find the manual. If anyone could offer help on calibrating the unit , it would be most appreciated
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