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  1. Tim welcome back, it will be like riding a bike, Good Luck
  2. Guess nobody uses a Navigator trolling motor, any how, i got the rehostat and switch from Radio Shack and repaired it for about 10 bucks.
  3. Hello, Is the Boat still for sale
  4. Hello all, I have a Navigator 5200 trolling motor that mounts directly on the lower unit of the outboard motor, wondering if anyone knows where i would find a replacement switch and speed controller for the little box that mounts up front by my console, i believe it's a single pole double throw switch, not sure about the reostat specs, any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Bud
  5. It just came to me , his name is Charlie White, Why Fish Hit and Why They Don't
  6. What ifishy is talking about, I have that video by a guy who's last name is White, the video is called Why Fish Bite , it was shot in BC, around the late 70's, pretty interesting , the guys dunks the spoons in the bilge area around the inboard getting them all oily and drops them down on riggers with a camera and the fish have no problem following and hitting them.
  7. Interested in the set up, whats the location
  8. Easy, just buy both, rember you can never have enough lures
  9. Interested in the planner reels and planner boards , could you send me pics and how much your asking
  10. I troll and made the mistake of buying the Helix 5, it doesnt even make a good boat anchor, its the farthest thing from auto,i'd spend less time playing with a video game, I wanted simple and some bonehead at bass pro sold me on this unit, it's exactly what I didnt want, so much for listening to some pencile pusher and not a real fisherman.
  11. Hello, Interested in the cannon dual mast , could you send a pic if they are still available
  12. Definatley not a coyote , i have shot quite a few, definately looks like a wolf.
  13. What Bay Rats work better , short shallow, Long shallow and what would be the better color patterns
  14. Everyone thanks for the advice, watched a couple of vids on you tube and i'm gonna give it a try.
  15. I have been an avid steelhead fisherman for over 25 yrs. Mostly the fall river runs and winter. My tackle of choice has been spinning reels and rods and jigs or bait . I have been hearing more and more the term centerspin reels, are there pro's and con's using this type of reel. For example , do they cast or is it a strip and toss the line out. Or maybe they have no place for jigs, I don't know , so I'm wondering if theres some input from the LOU community. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Wondering if thats a fiberglass or aluminium shell
  17. Well i just got back from Olcott pier casting for a few days, Started off with the nanofil and was so impressed that i never got a chance to try the super slick. Not one wind knot , that was a first for me with braid, and never had such a pleasant time casting. Next time i will give the super slick a try, hope i get as good results as i did with the nano. Thanks for everyones help and guidance.
  18. Just got back, spent mon afternoon into evening and tuesday morning casting all i had and not a bite. Guess being the only person out there told me something. Spoke with a couple locals and got the same story, should of been here 2 weeks ago , oh well better luck next time. Wednesday dropped in to Sodus and tried my favorite creek, had a steelie on for about 10 seconds and 2 jumps and that was the end of the action for the day.
  19. Well I picked up both, the nanofil and the super 8 slick , heading up on monday, end of the week i'll let you know how they worked out and if the fish are active.
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