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  1. Best report I read Yankee Troller. Have my first charter coming on may 15. Good to know kings are on a bite.
  2. above Nice clean fit 4 downriggers. I sell well over 100 charters per season. Downriggers are not as productive on Lake Ontario as it used to be due to water clarity improvement. Lately Using more divers and planer boards. Every move I make setting up rods times 100 makes big difference. Simply avoiding to deal with pushing motor is big help. Im not a young chap any longer. Smile
  3. Have standard prop on alpha one outdrive , no need for pusher motor, 3.0 merc is slow enough
  4. Here is 18' bowrider . You need to build plywood base to install all your gadgets.
  5. Same day 80-120 , windy, choppy, from 4 pm to 8pm had 8 hits, 5 small salmon 2-4 lb
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