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  1. Sh8man, thank you, very insightful writing and I think you are spot on
  2. well Paul Czarnecki, I guess I figured I could ask questions on a web site that was geared toward fisherman sharing knowledge, experience, and information. I guess I thought there was a place for newbies to go to and converse with knowledgeable people willing to teach and coach. I guess I didn't expect an "attitude". But ! I did receive several PM's that were very positive and helpful and I will be contacting them. As for you Paul, tight lines !
  3. Thank you all for the input. A charter is a great idea if I could get a few to go in on it, but 6-700 plus food , hotel , gas to get there is a $1k weekend. Not in the budget
  4. Ok, thank you, I guess I'm a little light with 20 lb. you use a snap swivel on the spoon ? I was there a couple weeks ago and got blown off the lake, 17 ft gets small quick out there.
  5. questions for the experts Just trying to shrink the learning curve, what pound test on dipsey diver ? to the diver and from the diver to the spoon or what ever. on a spoon, do you use a split ring or just tie on ? barrel swivel ? on a downrigger, how far off the weight? I've been out there taking a beating and getting discouraged so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated . I hope to get up there in a couple weeks and would love to get one.
  6. I'm home in pa now, I went out from catfish and hit 4 ft rollers. After 1/2 hour I came in and drove down to Oneida and bought a bigger boat . Went out the next day and made 1 pass from catfish down to the power plant in 130 -150 fow got one hit and quit. To busy rigging the boat in my head, I'll be back in a couple weeks
  7. Left out of catfish Creek Fishing Camp, hit 4 footers and turned back, maybe try again this afternoon
  8. greenboatluke I'm as green as can be, only been there a couple times, got some downriggers to try, the original plan was a few days and it got cut to 1. I hope to try again in a couple weeks but maybe they'll be in the river by then !
  9. what would you do ? I have one day to fish, I'm staying at catfish creek, do I launch there and fish Oswego-power plant, or trailer up to Henderson and fish the trench ? only 1 day
  10. Thank you, a bit of a run from catfish creek, maybe trailer and launch up there ?
  11. I'm new to this trolling with downriggers, started last year with little success. My question is what is your opinion on the humming from the cable? Do you have it ? is it a problem?. Should I get new cable before next season? Any input is appreciated . Craig
  12. Ok thank you, I'm planning on a trip to Mexico area in a week or so
  13. Where's the oak ? I'll be going in around Oswego to the power plant near Mexico
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