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  1. what about scaring the fish away ?
  2. I'm new to this trolling with downriggers, started last year with little success. My question is what is your opinion on the humming from the cable? Do you have it ? is it a problem?. Should I get new cable before next season? Any input is appreciated . Craig
  3. Ok thank you, I'm planning on a trip to Mexico area in a week or so
  4. I'm new here, where's Ibay ?
  5. Where's the oak ? I'll be going in around Oswego to the power plant near Mexico
  6. ITS A FISHAL, thank you, I'll check that out, that's great for what's going on at the time, but liable to change by the time I get there, but like you said gives you an idea what's going on. Craig
  7. Hi all, I'm new here and been doing alot of reading, I love this place ! I live in the Pocono's and it's a bit of a drive to get up there. A few weeks back said 3-5 mile an hour wind out of the east, I called a buddy in Binghamton told him to pack I'm on my way !! 5 hrs later we are at the ramp near 9 mile and looking out at 2-1/2 -3 ft waves ! We had a 14ft Mirrocraft ! not going out there ! We traveled to the tackle shops bought a lot of stuff, asked a lot of questions, hit the water late afternoon at Oswego went around the reefs and picked up a couple Browns. Next time I'm bringing my 17ft Smokercraft ! But, it's a lot of time traveling and gas, I'm not as well off as my ex thinks I am, where can I get reliable weather forecasts ? I want to try this again in a few weeks, but its not worth it for a few hours on the water. Two small Browns, ....$135. in gas, $85 room, $120. lures at Fat Nancys, dinner and beer $50! Then had to drive home 5 hours back with about 4 pounds of trout filet, and explain why Brown Trout costs $97. a pound ! HELP ! Where can I get a good forecast online ?....thanks for any help, Craig