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  1. are you using 40lb right to your spoons?
  2. a fish moving with the boat shows as a straight line. fish not moving show as arcs. as others have said its a fish following bait
  3. is there a blow day for this event?
  4. i have seen guys in wilson harbor dump guts too
  5. 2 canon stainless steel low profile swivel bases used but in great condition. can text pics if needed. 140 for the pair. i'll cover shipping
  6. i have 2 stainless steel canon swivel bases. great condition. in buffalo. $125 for the pair
  7. even if that sunday forcast is true we will still most likely be dealing with ice water assuming we get the heavy ne blows predicted for fri and sat.
  8. evinrude outboard motor posting this for a friend. contact him for info/pictures Evinrude 15 HP electric start 4 Stroke outboard. E15TEL4IN Purchesed new 4/2015 10 hours run time 5 year warranty -All paperwork and Operator's guide Asking $ 2000.00 Pictures, questions call 716-622-1831 or e mail [email protected]
  9. ya saw that boat too. we were within a football field of you alot of the day
  10. do you have a lundish type boat with orange lettering or trim? if so i mean we were literally right next to you
  11. no tape for me. couple wraps of thread on head.... first color mylar... couple wraps thread... 2nd mylar... couple wraps thread. last mylar... heavy wrap thread... tie knot.. super glue
  12. The netting should be same action as shoveling snow. Quick entry into water , scoop, and raise back out of water. Do not put net in water until you are ready to scoop or you blow back the netting. The rod man in my opinion has more to do with netting than the netman. Rodman stays at back of boat til fish nose comes to surface just behind boat. At that point hold tip hi and walk directly behind netman and guide fish in net. The pinch pad works great but if you have rubber net it can tear webbing. Other option is paracord tied to deepest part of basket and ties to handle at opposite end. Pull rope tight when grasping shaft to keep netting from dangling. As soon as fish enters basket let go of cord