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  1. look at www.fishthief.com best snubbers for riggers and trolling. especially if you have cannons with such a hard stop. the snubbers will also keep your weight just below water surface when autostop activates thereby eliminating the jerking on the ball when boat is pitching when the weight is out of the water. i would also save the money on termination kits and just use wire knot with no crimps
  2. keep an eye on weather. if it stays at current forecast it will be unfishable from late fri aft thru sat evening
  3. i know a 31 baha that is going on market for a good price. pm me for contact info
  4. fish thief sure strike snubbers are the way to go. much better construction and less blow back than other brands
  5. sorry, i am confused as to the problem you are having. are you saying you have to do something extra to stand yours up? if so, there is a problem with yours.
  6. other than just grabbing and standing them up what force do you have to do to get them there?
  7. i am in wilson this weekend. are you anywhere near there to arrange pick up?
  8. my nephew will be publishing lots of videos of our fishing trip last weekend but he cut this commercial for me to start
  9. the top of the arc is the depth of the fish, assuming is is directly under the transducer
  10. you can achieve the same effect by rolling the fly in a post it sticky sheet
  11. you are a 100% correct when you say reproducing something successful is the most important part of fishing. but the more info you have will help your success rate. it is highly unlikely, as you state, that your rigger will ever show higher on your graph than it is down in real depth, you can choose to ignore the facts but it doesnt mean that they arent real and useful tools in setting your program. you say you want to put your gear just above the fish and again you couldnt be more accurate. but the formula i gave will help you understand exactly how it works and can help you get in the right spot
  12. in this example your rigger depth is C (70ft).. the distance away from tranducer with blow back is B (30ft). that would make the distance from transducer to weight A ( roughly 76-77 ft ) and that is how "deep" it would appear on your graph. the deeper C is and further back B is the more exaggerated A will be. and yes i know the diagram is not drawn to scale.
  13. a squared = b squared + c squared. look at a pic of the pythagorean theorum. it doesnt have to be close at all. the deeper the ball and more blow black then the "deeper" it will appear on your graph. yest i was in 200 foot of water with a rigger down 150ft. it looked like it was dragging bottom on graph. in reality it was probably 60foot above the bottom. sonar measures DISTANCE from transducer, not DEPTH. the only time the two are the same is when the object is directly under the transducer. this is why fish "arc" on sonar as it starts at a greater distance, then under it, then moves away in the cone. if you look at the diagram, 'A' represents the distance that the transducer is seeing your weight with the top tip of the triangle being the transducer and the far right corner of the triangle being the weight. if you were to to transpose that line parallel to 'C' it would be much longer, which is why it appears deeper than it actually is
  14. it measures water pressure that is sent to the head unit by way of the transducer.. on any given day my x4d probe can be down 80ft as per rigger counter yet read down 100 ft on the fish finder, but yet the actual depth probe could be 70ft
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