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  1. contact captain alan sauerland of instigator sportfishing. 716-504-7789
  2. hands down best snubber on the market, especially for downriggers. they handle 20lb weights with no problems and i dont run my otter boards without them as they absorb the shock when the boards jerk hard in rough water
  3. how many green are left and how much to ship to buffalo?
  4. this trip is being offered thru current LOTSA members. Payment for the last 2 spots has fallen thru so they are still open
  5. Dear LOTSA member: Over the years our Salmon School and monthly club meetings have provided LOTSA members with invaluable information from experienced fishermen and Charter Captains. Many of these tips and techniques have directly led to some impressive catches including multiple derby and tournament cashing entries. We are taking it a step further by moving the class from the classroom to the lake with our first installment of a hands on Salmon School Charter. This will be a full day charter from 6am to 2pm and you will be involved in the daily routine of a Charter Captain from gear selection, decisions where to start fishing, deployment tactics, tackle choices and presentations, organizational tips, etc... This will be a catch and release trip and we will practice those techniques also. The trip is only open to current LOTSA members and limited to 2 people per sign up. The total number for the day will be open to 6 people and is being run on Sun June 9th from Wilson. The Teaching Trip will run on TWO BULLS SPORTFISHING with Captain Joe Gallo. Contact Joe directly at 716-998-2296, [email protected] or www.twobullssportfishing.com to make arrangements. This is a first come first serve basis and receipt of payment locks in your spot. In the event of bad weather, refunds will be given if a make up trip cannot be arranged. Cost is $75 per person and all proceeds from this class go directly to the pen projects in Olcott and Wilson to help sustain our world class fishery.
  6. look at www.fishthief.com best snubbers for riggers and trolling. especially if you have cannons with such a hard stop. the snubbers will also keep your weight just below water surface when autostop activates thereby eliminating the jerking on the ball when boat is pitching when the weight is out of the water. i would also save the money on termination kits and just use wire knot with no crimps
  7. keep an eye on weather. if it stays at current forecast it will be unfishable from late fri aft thru sat evening
  8. i know a 31 baha that is going on market for a good price. pm me for contact info
  9. fish thief sure strike snubbers are the way to go. much better construction and less blow back than other brands
  10. sorry, i am confused as to the problem you are having. are you saying you have to do something extra to stand yours up? if so, there is a problem with yours.
  11. other than just grabbing and standing them up what force do you have to do to get them there?
  12. i am in wilson this weekend. are you anywhere near there to arrange pick up?
  13. my nephew will be publishing lots of videos of our fishing trip last weekend but he cut this commercial for me to start
  14. the top of the arc is the depth of the fish, assuming is is directly under the transducer
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