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  1. Sterling

    for sale : usa Crestliner Sabre hard top

    Best boat name ever
  2. Shoot me a PM if the buyer backs out?
  3. I think they're implying the clutch won't grind or whine when the ball reaches the boat. That's nice and all, but you still need to turn off the retrieve. It's nice just setting and forgetting (with auto stop).
  4. Oh right, there would be a noticeable different in finish, good call.
  5. Curious why you prefer Cannon? They're all the same. Only difference is the end caps, which are somewhat useless to begin with.
  6. Sterling

    for sale : usa Sold

    Days like this I wish I was american. On other days, not so much
  7. $800 for both or each? Not interested but should be useful for potential buyers.
  8. From what I understand, they should fit. Maybe someone can confirm.
  9. You've either done a fantastic job cleaning the boat, maintaining it, or took clever pictures. I'm hoping it's #1 and #2 but would be okay with #3 all considered.
  10. Jake, if you're considering a move away from Garmin, consider that you may have had a lemon. In my experience Garmin is fantastic and offers better warranty and support than most companies. If you call the Garmin hotline you're talking to an american fella. Their support is not outsourced. I've used Raymarine and was quite happy with that unit.
  11. I would buy this boat so fast if I were in the market. Best of luck with the sale. Curious, what year is the boat?
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