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  1. You've either done a fantastic job cleaning the boat, maintaining it, or took clever pictures. I'm hoping it's #1 and #2 but would be okay with #3 all considered.
  2. Jake, if you're considering a move away from Garmin, consider that you may have had a lemon. In my experience Garmin is fantastic and offers better warranty and support than most companies. If you call the Garmin hotline you're talking to an american fella. Their support is not outsourced. I've used Raymarine and was quite happy with that unit.
  3. I would buy this boat so fast if I were in the market. Best of luck with the sale. Curious, what year is the boat?
  4. Sterling

    Cannon Ratcheting Rod Holders

    I'll just throw this out there - let me know which you think is best and what features you think are missing from each. I'm actually working on designing my own now, you sir could influence the development early on.
  5. Sterling

    Cannon Ratcheting Rod Holders

    Don't get me wrong, I like the cannon holders! Possibly the best I've tried. But it seems a couple small changes could have made the product better. Like a below-vertical setting.
  6. Sterling

    Cannon Ratcheting Rod Holders

    Thanks all! Is it just me, or should the rod holder ideally just fold up without any force required? Seems to me this would be superior.
  7. Just bought one of these and was under the impression the holder would freely stand up from the "dipsy position" without having to pull the trigger. Doesn't seem to be the case. Did I get a lemon or what?
  8. Sterling

    for sale : usa Bobby-D

    Bobby what's your phone number? You can post it here or message it to me. Thanks.
  9. This kind of stuff makes me rage! Odds are the culprits will try to sell the gear eventually. Doubt they know what they have. They'll wait a couple months and then offload on Craigslist or whatever. Here's what I suggest; set up Craigslist alerts for your area for any keyword matching your gear. Then keep an eye out to see if they pop up. I had an auger stolen from me years ago and was able to catch the thief that way.
  10. Sterling

    Let me pick your experienced brains!

    A case of beer and some free merchandise once the idea goes commercial :). On a more serious note, many people have ideas, very few can bring the execution. With great execution you can turn even a stupid idea into money. With poor execution, even a great idea can be squandered.
  11. Sterling

    Colors depht shading available on Navionics app

    Hope I'm not wrong twice, but I will test this next time I'm out to make sure!
  12. Sterling

    Colors depht shading available on Navionics app

    Ah yes, I think you're right. Also note that even if you turn off Sonarchart Live, it keeps recording in the background and you can turn its display back on if you want.
  13. Sterling

    Colors depht shading available on Navionics app

    @Smat64, I would turn off Autochart Live since the contours look pretty accurate on that map already.
  14. Sterling

    Colors depht shading available on Navionics app

    Generation doesn't really matter. The app isn't heavy by any means. I would just go for a larger screen is all. You download the maps you want onto the tablet. From there on no connectivity is required. GPS location does not require cell reception.