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  1. Seems like all the fish moved to the bar, or so I heard. No wonder with the East wind last week... Nothing out of Olcott and not much out of Wilson. Back next weekend for 4 trips. Good Luck everyone!
  2. has anyone been out the past day or three? I will head up tonight and post on how tomorrow goes.
  3. Just for giggles - has anyone been out to see what the water tepms are in 400+?
  4. I will post as well when I head up. I usually don't start running charters out of Olcott until Summer, but am starting a little earlier this year. Good luck to everyone in the LOC! Capt. Jerry https://www.hookcharters.com/
  5. I am heading up for a shake down on the 10-11th. Looking for any reports out of the Olcott area. Thanks in advance!
  6. Is anyone in the area the first week of January who could check the dock area and let me know if the lake has iced over? Looking for one last trip with the boat. Thanks!
  7. Crushed em at 220-400 we had 4 on at one time at one point. a few doubles. great fish! all spoon bite 60-135 down Captain Jerry Hookcharters.com
  8. I am going up tomorrow and will hit the water in the afternoon. Going out by my lonesome if anyone wants to come. My charter is coming up for friday. HookCharters.com Captain Jerry 330-352-2724 Text me if interested. Maybe heading out 2-7 or something like that.
  9. I will post a report if anyone cares. Seems no one has been out there.
  10. Yes I just told my guys plan on Friday and maybe not Saturday
  11. Has anyone been out of Olcott recently? Coming up Thursday-Sat and was planning on starting at the mouth and going out to 300-400.
  12. Again, Only about 15 years of knowledge here, but this time of year, with winds like that the last week or so, go to 450 - 500 and start there. The more turbulent the winds are, the more the likely active fish will move out (stay out). You mat not get the staging Kings ready to spawn, but there are thousands of fish still actively feeding. As things settle (week or more consistent or mild winds) the more they will bite closer to be biting inshore. I am guessing later this week in shore will be a good bite, but as the hurricane end-trails scoop up, the more likely the fish will scatter again... just my opinion of course . I will be back up late September/early October. Will post again at that time. Hurricanes can mess things up big time... but... Salmon can only "not feed" for three days at a time. They are eating machines.
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