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  1. jbrandt

    fish-united web site

    I tried it on the Taloras - total scam. No response after PayPal payment. nothing ever got shipped. PayPal refunded my payment immediately. They keep starting up new companies under different names.
  2. Great job! Same for us today - went to the bar and only got 2. Where did you go out of? We are going out tomorrow and Tuesday. Good luck~
  3. The bar - hadn't thought of that so much thank you for the idea. We stay in Olcott so that is our go to. Perhaps we will start at the bar Sunday and see what happens. Didn't do well at the bar last month so I was a little gun-shy. Definitely appreciate the advice!
  4. Location question this weekend Greetings! We are coming up this weekend for three days - Sun-Tues and debating to go out of Olcott or Oak. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated thanks! Captain Jerry
  5. jbrandt


    Thanks guys. It sounds like October is too late. We are gonna make it out another time or two in September. For us in Erie, Walleye fishing doesnt heat up until october. If any of you need info on Eyes on Eris in the fall feel free to contact me. I have chartered and been fishing eyes in the fall for over 20 years and know them inside and out. We are gonna try to head up to Olcott in the next couple weeks for a trip or two. Any further info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!
  6. jbrandt


    Generally, what is the latest you guys fish for salmon out of Olcott? I am guessing through late October at least, the fish would move back out into the lake during daytime. I want to plan at least one more trip before the season ends Thanks guys!
  7. jbrandt

    Boat launch at Olcott

    got it thank s
  8. jbrandt

    Boat launch at Olcott

    does anyone have the address to this launch please?
  9. jbrandt

    Georgian Bay

    I have fished the bay quite a bit - can be amazing or horrible depending on where you are. Be sure to find a good topo map and study it - you can go from 150' up to 2' in the blink of an eye.
  10. jbrandt

    Leader line length

    Thanks guys thats perfect. I run close to the same thing here in Ohio for the Eyes.
  11. jbrandt

    Temp chart

    thats where i found it thanks! http://www.fishhawkelectronics.com/salmon-walleye-fishing/preferred-water-temperature
  12. jbrandt

    Temp chart

    I remember seeing a temperature chart showing which types of salmon like what water temps. Does anyone have a kink to it or a chart ? thanks!
  13. jbrandt

    Leader line length

    I've been reading anywhere from 20' to 50' for leaders. What is best? I will be running lead and braided both depenging... i also assume you guys run leaders both before and after your dipsys?
  14. jbrandt

    Help please

    Anyone running stingers?