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  1. Had the same problem with my Yamaha 9.9 For a long time it was very hard starting then I see there was gas in my oil. Changed the pump and all my problems were solved. Got the parts from Boats.net Excellent people and service. In fact I bought a new 150 Merc 2 years ago for my boat from them couldn't be happier. Saved thousands.
  2. I bought a 150 Merc two years ago from Boats.net Georgia / Florida based. I saved almost $4000 Service was excellent. No Tax. Had to have it installed by a professional shop to get my warranty. That's the only way Boats.net would sell and shipped directly to bass pro shops and they installed it for me. Talked to one other shop also, and they had no problem installing it either.
  3. How old is the reel, any idea? Where are you located?
  4. Lost a rod holder from my old style captains pack, spring loaded. Rod holder slowly unscrewed and fell over board. Just need holder nothing else. Located and purchased Thank you
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