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  1. Im staying in guffin bay today until saturday, looking to troll for some eyes, any spots or depths i should be fishing specifically? Not super familiar with this area
  2. Im staying in guffin bay from today until saturday, looking to troll for some eyes, any certain spots or depths that would increase my luck? Thanks
  3. Im gonna give it a try next weekend, roughly what speed should i be trolling
  4. Hey guys ive got an itch to go catch some lakers or rainbows at skan, never fished for them much so and advice would be great, ive got all the trolling equipment (lead core and dipsys) and how deep should i be fishing for them
  5. Im staying in ogdensburg for the weekend and looking to catch some eyes, didnt bring my trolling equipment just have bottom bouncers and harnesses, whats do you guys recommend especially with this strong NE wind
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