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  1. Went out on the north end of Canandaigua Lake Thursday morning for a few hours. Found some nice lakers jigging in 75 to 80 foot of water. Largest was an eight pounder. Saw a huge mark on my fish finder in 45 foot of water as I was paddling back to shore. Did not figure that lake trout would be in that shallow I let my jig down anyway and to my surprise up comes a huge smallmouth bass doing a beautiful aerial dance of two foot or more. He threw the jig once airborne but it was a wonderful surprise and great to see. Green algae was scattered with white foam covering the area of the lake I was in for awhile. All in all a beautiful morning on the lake.
  2. Last month I was asking for advice on where to put in a kayak on Cayuga for lake trout fishing. Because of the replies I ended up putting in at Sheldrake. Great advice. I found lakers in no time. A little bit of trial and error I was able to tie into 4 fish of which I brought two home for the smoker. Funny thing is I went yesterday to Canandaigua lake to get a few perch for supper. The lake was so still that I went out into the deep and tied into another 4 Lakers and brought two home for the smoker. I am amazed at the great resources we have in our area and the willingness of other anglers to help out on this forum. Thanks to all.
  3. Thanks so much to everyone helping answer my questions with sound advice gleaned over the years. You make it easy to put together a good experience on the lake!! If I can entice a few up from the deep I will put up a photo of my success. Thanks again to all for the help!!
  4. Haha! Finding fish is just the first part of the equation! About 4 years ago I had a small bass boat and use to jig for lakers on Seneca when fishing was still in it's prime there. They don't always want to cooperate that is for sure. But, for me, I enjoy figuring out what will trigger them. Takes some time sometimes and not always successful but our lakes in the area are treasures and every moment on the water is very special. Also, Stinger, I always had an empire pass when I had a trailered boat but with the kayak I usually find free places to slip in so the need for the pass would not be cost effective in my situation.
  5. Deans cove sounds like the best place for me to launch. Not able to paddle as far as I did years ago. 7 bucks is a fair price for a chance to have some fun on the lake. Now if I can pick a day that's not blowing too too hard I will be in my glory! Thanks for all the advice, it's appreciated!!
  6. I should have checked the lake depth map first, north end is shallow for a long section. Even Union Springs is about 2 miles to deep water from what I can tell. Maybe its worth driving further to find a launch closer to deep water. Good to know about the $7 dollar fee including both. I just might do some other type of fishing up at that end.
  7. I would like to do some lake trout jigging on Cayuga Lake out of Cayuga Lake State Park in my kayak but I see on their web site that entry is 7 bucks and then a 7 buck launch fee. Is that correct? If it is, is there somewhere at the North end that a Kayak can launch and get to deeper water within a mile without paying 14 bucks? Was on Canandaigua lake yesterday fishing other species and could not believe all the dead fish I saw. over 100 rock bass, blue gill, perch and small mouth all floating along in a line with a string of debris of leaves and twigs and such. So hate seeing that.
  8. The times they are a changing! As if we don't have enough to contend with like blue/green algae, zebra mussels, gobies, and lamprey we have the lamprey of the human kind that want to suck the life out of the fisheries in the area. I heard a guy bragging at Walmart years ago that he had just taken over 100 perch that day and was headed back out. At the time I did not know the limit but now that I do he would have had to contend with my two cents worth had I known. It was just reported this week that, and I quote " One adult lamprey can kill 20 to 30 POUNDS worth of trout/salmon in its short lifetime." That is a lot of fish for one lamprey! Unfortunately, the "human lamprey" can do an amazing amount of damage to the fish population also. Not sure what it will take to turn this around but I for one am ready to help in any way possible. Any constructive ideas that are being proposed would be appreciated!!
  9. Thanks you for the links on the charts! It is a great way to get all the minnows side by side and see the subtle differences!
  10. Well thank you all. I was wondering if that could be a fat head but wasn't sure. I am not familiar with the stickle back. Do the bass eat them as well as the flat heads? Are there any problems with them in a small pond?
  11. Minnow Identification I found about two dozen of these minnows in our alfalfa field about 50 feet from a 1/4 acre pond on our property. They were in some shallow runoff, all alive. I had thought all the bass had been killed a few years back with the hard winter. Anyway, are the silver ones bass? What are the dark minnows? We never stocked anything but bass in there that I can remember. Very curious as to what these are.
  12. I believe this time of year you can just pull in and not be charged. Across the street is their other parking lot that is free year round. Onanda is a great place to hang out, especially this time of year!
  13. Was out jigging the north end this morning. Got two nice ones. Marked fish in the 70-80 foot range but no balls of bait fish like I have seen in previous years. The numbers of active fish are just not there from what I can see. Keep hoping it will change but who knows!!
  14. Went out fishing on Seneca lake this morning. Was going to use the north end park launch but stopped by the chamber to see if it was still buried on my way over. Well, the right side ramp was open with no grasses and I was able to launch without any problems. Guess the wind has finally blown it free. Thought the lake was going to be halfway calm today but early morning winds made for a semi-rough lake. Got into some jumbos but hard holding position even with my drift sock. Still nice being on a lake at the end of December.
  15. I have used Roy's before and had no problems.This time when I was there the water level was low and it looked shaky at best. I would have needed to back into very loose gravel and wasn't sure how deep I would need to back in to launch so I chose to bail and head to Canandaigua Lake instead. As far as the perch take goes, I would also like to see something done about the numbers of perch that are allowed to be taken or at the very least someone to explain how it is that harvesting these amounts of fish don't hurt the fishery in any significant manor. Also, I am glad to hear you say the mercury levels are now low. Would be nice to know my tax dollars are moving some things in the correct direction......
  16. Thanks for the answer. I was picking weeds off my trailer for far too long the last time I tried there and didn't even get out! The park sounds like the way to get out onto the water.
  17. Two weeks ago I was at Roy's Marina talking with someone that told me perch fishing had been great. He mentioned bring in 400 perch so far. Not sure if that was with friends or his personal take but he mentioned that the perch were out there. This fall I had to look around quite a bit to find them but I was able to pull in ten jumbos each time I tried. They changed depths and location but they seemed to be out there. I don't anchor so I only fish while making a drift over a school. I would bet the weather this year has changed the habits of the perch to a large extent. I think working new areas and various depths will put one onto a school, but it does take some looking, the lake is big!!
  18. Has anyone launched from the Seneca Lake Chamber boat launch in the last few weeks? Last time I was over there it was so filled with blown in vegetation that we got stuck trying to launch and had to abandon our attempts.
  19. Tried to launch at the Chamber on Saturday morning but the grass was just way too thick. Went over to Roy's but because of low water level it would have been too dicy to try and launch there. We ended up going over to Canandaigua Lake and getting into some pickerel fishing. At least eight in the 24 to 26" range. Caught a bunch of perch but they are not anything like the ones to be had on Seneca Lake.
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