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  1. Open to an offer.
  2. Divers - Dipsys & Jets What you see is what you get: 1 New in the package, size 1 Dipsy 2 used size 1 Dipsys 1 used size 0 Dipsy 2 used snubbers 2 used Dipsey rings 2 used(look new) size 40 Jet Divers $45.00 for the lot (won't separate) to your door in US 48. PayPal F/F
  3. Left Hand BPS Extreme Baitcaster Very lightly used model ETX10SLE, Bass Pro Shops, Extreme Baitcast Reel. LEFT HAND. Spooled with green Power Pro which I believe is 20lb test. This was my backup Bass fishing reel so it didn't get much use at all. (and even when I did use it I didn't catch many bass, lol). As you can see, the box and documentation are included. $30.00 to your door in USA 48. PayPal F/F
  4. DUH!! Looks like I added incorrectly, 350 and 175 should add to 525 which is what I meant to post with free shipping. Anyway, sweetflow 2, (or anyone else) If you're interested, I'll take the $500 and ship 'em if you're in the US lower 48. Sorry!!
  5. Panther T5 Kicker Steering unit with Wireless Remote Model 550502 (Black-Freshwater) Panther T5 remote kicker steering unit with model 550105 wireless remote. The T5 will also work with Trollmaster Pro3 units (wired remote) All specs and installation instructions are available here: Both units are in nearly new condition, in original boxes, with installation instructions. $500.00 for the set. I will separate them but only if the T5 sells first. I'll take $350 for it and $20 shipping to US 48. $175 for the remote with 6 spare batteries and $10 shipping. If you take both for the 500, I'll ship free to US 48.
  6. I'll take it if it's still available.
  7. That steering wheel cover will sell her. SEXY!!!!!
  8. 16 Deep Divers - 7 Husky Jerks & 9 Bandits All new in sealed factory packages. Bandits: BDT WLY DP-Purple Mist BDT WLY DP-Fruit Dots BDT WLY DP-Cnrt/Blue Back BDT WLY DP-Cnr Blk Back BDT WLY DP-Fire Tiger BDT WLY DP-Copper Clown BDT WLY DP-Purple Shad BDT WLY DP-Popsicle BDT WLY DP-Green Clown Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerks: DHJ12 PDS Purplescent DHJ12 SB Silver Blue DHJ12 RFCW Redfire Crawdad DHJ12 YP Yellow Perch (2 ea) DHJ12 HT Hot Tiger DHJ12 GBM Glass Blue Minnow $85.00 via PayPal Friend/Family to your door in the US lower 48.
  9. Yes, you would need U bolts or backing plates to mount them individually.
  10. Big Jon Gold Dual Electric Planner Mast I bought this thinking I'd fix it up and use it but have not been able to use my boat a lot due to some health issues so have decided to see if anyone is interested in it. When I bought it, it was in kinda rough shape. I put new pulleys on it, one of the reels is new, and one of the clutch disks is new. One of the motors wasn't running so I had the armature and magnets polished. Both motors run fine now even though they do show their age. The line on both reels is good. There are no switches or circuit breakers. I'm in southern Ohio so most likely will have to ship. Shipping weight will be about 22lbs, from 45133. I believe USPS cost will be between $25 and $40, depending on destination, of course. Ship to US addresses only. Asking $275. OBO