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  1. Yes, you would need U bolts or backing plates to mount them individually.
  2. Big Jon Gold Dual Electric Planner Mast I bought this thinking I'd fix it up and use it but have not been able to use my boat a lot due to some health issues so have decided to see if anyone is interested in it. When I bought it, it was in kinda rough shape. I put new pulleys on it, one of the reels is new, and one of the clutch disks is new. One of the motors wasn't running so I had the armature and magnets polished. Both motors run fine now even though they do show their age. The line on both reels is good. There are no switches or circuit breakers. I'm in southern Ohio so most likely will have to ship. Shipping weight will be about 22lbs, from 45133. I believe USPS cost will be between $25 and $40, depending on destination, of course. Ship to US addresses only. Asking $275. OBO
  3. Wanted

    PM sent
  4. for sale : usa

    Put me second in line. I'll take it if upnorthangler169 doesn't.
  5. Check Gander Mountain in your area. If you can find a store that still has some, they're selling Humminbird 698C HD SI units for $350., and there's 2 $75. rebates, one from GM and one from Johnson outdoors. As of Saturday they were no longer available on line.
  6. Yes, I don't doubt you'll get 2 $75 rebates. 1 is from Humminbird and the other from Gander Mtn. Free shipping too. With the 15% off and tax added, mine was $314.59. minus $150. = $164.59 for a nice color, GPS, Side Imaging unit. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Do You Need a Small GPS/Fishfinder This is NOT an advertisement, just passing along a good deal. Humminbird 698ci HD SI units are really raesonable right now with 15% off and 2 $75 rebates @GM.
  8. Wanted

    I think I just need to get out from behind this computer and get out behind a planer board mast.
  9. Wanted

    If "size don't matter" why's it have to be 18 - 21 ft? Sorry, just couldn't resist. Hope you have a sense of humor.
  10. has a bunch of 'em. Some of them pretty expensive, a few not so bad. Might be worth the effort to check 'em out if you haven't already.